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Deuce of Spades is ready


The Hotrod Movie Deuce of Spades is now ready. The no budget American made movie represents the true spirit of hotrodding  and according to filmmaker Faith Granger it is a tribute to all who where there in the good old days and created the American hot rod scene. In the real life the filmmaker put everything on the line for the movie, including her own pension savings. The movie was created with the help of volunteers, and everything was donated, including the actors time and talent as well as the cars.


In the story a modern day hotrodder finds a unopened letter while working on her car. The film takes you back through a series of flashbacks to 50ís dragstrips and hotrodding. A Test Screening version of the movie was shown at a big car events in America last October and the reaction was very good. Distribution for the movie has not yet been finalized but you can order in advance a copy of the film at . The release target date is around January 2010.