"DEUCE OF SPADES" DVD. A Faith Granger Film. Written, Produced, and, Directed by Faith Granger.

"Do You Believe In Second Chances ?" is the guiding question of this film that propels it from today, to a time-warp that takes us back to the Golden Age of Rods & Customs in the '50s.

Have you ever had a "life changing event" take place in your life ?   Many years ago, on my birthday, I happened to be going through the closet in my room at the house I grew up in.  In the back of the closet I found a never-before-seen small, black, suitcase.  My curiosity got the best of me, I pulled it out, opened it up, and inside found pictures, mementos, letters, and many other things that my Mother had packed away many years earlier.

Among those items was a small business card belonging to a modest, early-version of a "bed & breakfast" type home in New Jersey.  And, all of a sudden it came back to me: my Dad, my Mom, my Grandpa (Mom's Dad), and myself, had gone to New York to see my Uncle (Mom's Brother) who was a WW II Merchant Marine and had been sent home just after the War and hospitalized.  While we were there we stayed at that New Jersey home for a night or two since it was the only place available.

With all of the above information in mind, I wondered if that modest little place that we had stayed at in New Jersey all those years ago still existed. I had to find out, I had to know !  Through a quirk of fate and a call from an old friend my search paid off, and when it did it set me on a path that changed my life,,, forever.

That's a story for another time and place, but if you've followed me this far you'll understand the importance of Faith Granger's "DEUCE OF SPADES" wherein a Hot Rod Girl finds a  love letter from the Fifties hidden in her Deuce roadster...and proceeds to seek answers to many questions and find the subjects involved.

This film is rich in color, atmosphere, action, and, evokes those "hot rod" films of the Fifties that we all loved.  The scenery, the location shooting, the cars involved - both in the present-day, as well as the flashbacks - all show the quality of Faith's mission to tell her story in stunning fashion.

It has a touch of Henry Gregor Felsen's "Hot Rod" in it, a little"Rebel Without A Cause"...but it's ALL Faith Granger's vision, and the visual art-form that she's created that makes it a stellar production.  And cameo's by my old friends Bill Hines & Gene Winfield add to its authenticity.

If you know anything about film making you'll understand that financing, casting, scouting locations, set decoration, obtaining permits, film & sound design, editing, and, producing the "final cut" are NEVER easy to accomplish...even with a full crew to do it.   Considering the fact that Faith did it almost all by herself and made it look so good is nothing short of a miracle !

Faith was on-the-road, but took the time to call me the day before I was headed for the 2011 KKOA Lead Sled in Salina. We talked at length about her putting "Deuce Of Spades" together.  Her passion, her excitement for the film, her artistic vision, and, her love of her craft & the cast she had assembled, all came through her voice during the entire conversation.   I would have expected nothing less: Faith Granger is a consumate pro, and it shows in every frame of this film !

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