Most important thing to remember when seeking help with your order is that I get hundreds of emails a day, from fans all over the world. So in order for me to spot your customer request support emails, amidst all the other emails, you MUST use the links below to email me about your specific problem.  Those links will automatically generate the proper email subject header, so that I can spot your support request and give you top priority. If you have previously emailed me to request help, and have used any other subject headers, I will probably not be able to spot your email and won't get to read it for many weeks. So email me again please, this time using the links provided below. Thank you for understanding my predicament and for following this simple protocol. I look forward to assisting you!

I have set up this page to help you trouble shoot, and to provide you with email hyperlinks that will generate the proper Subject Headers for your specific situation. Please read on:

1- If you ordered from me and have not yet received your order then something is wrong. Your order may be lost. Please email me with the following information: Your full name, country, date your ordered and order number. Your email subject header must read "URGENT! LOST ORDER". Please allow 5 to 7 days for a reply. Be patient, I am working VERY HARD to catch up and everyone will be helped, just have FAITH in me :).

2- If your order arrived damaged, please snap a quick photo of damaged goods and email it to me, along with your full name, country, date your ordered and order number. Subject Header must read: "URGENT! ORDER ARRIVED DAMAGED". Click here to email me about a damaged item.

3- If your order arrived and  one or more items are missing, email me. Subject Header must read "URGENT! ORDER ITEMS MISSING!". You must provide your full name, country, date your ordered, order number and a detailed list of what you received and what was missing.

4- If your DVD player is having trouble reading the DVD please click here to trouble shoot and email me.