When it came time to select a DVD replication plant, I picked nothing but the very best. They are located here in LA and do a lot of the major studio DVDs and have top of the line equipment. Each DVD is replicated (not duplicated) and each finished disc is proof read by the robots who can detect any surface imperfection. Only DVDs that passed the quality control check are packaged. In 99% of cases when the DVD playbacks problems occur, it is because of the player and usually happens at the dual layer switch point, (Johnny's last race). That said, there is a 1% or less chance of DVD defect and if that is the case you rest assured I will replace the DVDs! Cause I really want you to see and enjoy my film :). I do need you to do your homework first though so please trouble shoot thoroughly before sending DVDs back. If your player is the culprit, sending you another DVD will not solve your problem.

If your DVD player is having trouble reading the DVD please do the following before you email me:

1- Please try it in your computer. Does it play there? How old is your DVD player and does it have the ability to play a 24 progressive DVD?

2- Inspect the back of my DVD(s) and clean it with a soft cloth- Were there any finger prints on it or even a hair stuck to the back? Both will prevent the laser beam from reading a disc properly. Once clean the DVD will then play back perfectly. If it doesn't proceed to #4...

4- Try the DVD in a friend's DVD player. If it will not play on your friend's player either, email me right away and I will replace the DVDs.

Please mail back the defective DVDs, along with your order number, full name and shipping address (so I can ship you new DVDs) to:

2010 West Avenue K, #422
Lancaster CA 913536

NOTE: If the subtitles come on and you can't seem to be able to turn them off, it means your DVD player is overwriting the DVD menu commands. So press the "subtitle" button of your player's remote control to turn them off within your player. That should solve the problem. :)