Yes. After four years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, my film is DONE.
And Sunday November 14th, 2010 I get to share it with the world for the very first time.
This is a time for celebration. And not just any kind of celebration: A completely authentic 1950's celebration
that will make you think you just stepped out of a time machine and into the fifties.

Wear your best 50's getup and come live the fifties for an entire afternoon in company of the stars and cars of the film.

An unforgettable day.

(celebration starts at 11AM and ends at 8PM)

Event is expected to sell out fast - Only 600 tickets available to the screening. Grab yours while you still can.



I couldn't think of a better place to celebrate the fifties and my film than historical Downtown Fillmore. Johnny's very birthplace.
A town forgotten by time, rich in heritage. I filmed for many months in and around the area and came to fall in love with it. Everything is just as it used to be. Located amidst endless fields and orchards, the quaint little town is but a mere 8 minutes West of Magic Mountain. Simply take the 126 from the 5 interstate and it will lead you straight to downtown Fillmore. (map)

On Sunday, November 14th, from 11AM to 8PM, we are rolling back the clocks and it will be 1955 all over again in Fillmore. We will be closing parts of the downtown area to traffic for the event. This is where everything is located: The City Hall, Historical train station and vintage theater. And this is where we are going to hold our World Premiere and back to the Fifties Celebration.

We request all guests to dress 50's or 40's that day. This is a theme Premiere so have fun with it! It can be as simple as a blue jeans, converse shoes and a white tee or as elaborate as your taste may be. Pony tails or vintage hair style for the ladies  and gentlemen, Grease your hair!!


This is a hot rod film and many of the cars from the film will be there that day, parked right in front of the theater. Many of our fans also own beautiful cars and are bringing them to the Premiere, so expect to see many beautiful pre - 1960 cars and hot rods up and down central avenue - including the Deuce Of Spades 32 roadster (star car of the film) JOHNNY CALLAWAY'S famous roadster!

Have a pre-1960 car? Bring it and we will make sure you have guarantied parking on one of the streets we are closing down to traffic that day.  Want to be parked in one of the better parking spots located closer to the theater entrance or closer to the City Hall?  Get the optional VIP reserved prime parking for your car for an additional $15.

Have a cool car that is post 1959? Bring it too! As I said there should be plenty of regular parking in the immediate vicinity of the pre - 1960 car parking area.

It is my desire to put owners in touch with each other so that they may join several hot rods and classic cars runs to the event. Meeting points will be

1- BURBANK: Bob's Big Boy (for those coming from the East or South) 9am departure.
2- PALMDALE: Starbucks on Rancho Vista (by Lowes)  9am departure.
3- VENTURA: Jalopy Joe's (for those coming from the North / West) 10am departure.
4- MOORPARK: Denny's (E. Los Angeles & Miller Parkway) for those wanting to take Grimes Canyon - 10am departure.

More details will be emailed when we get closer to the event. Currently I am keeping track of who is interested in joining the hot rod run (make sure to indicate whether you are interested in a hot rod run when you buy your Premiere Ticket). If enough cars sign up, we will proceed. So wait for further instructions.

Remember: You drive, park and bring your cars to the Premiere at your own risk!

All VIP cars must arrive no later than 11:30. We will start to park cars at 11AM.  Don't be late because 150 guests will be boarding the train at noon for the meal. Seating on train is pre-assigned so if you miss your train you will not have another chance to eat. Cars leave at the end of event - when we reopen the street to traffic.

Meet the filmmaker, FAITH GRANGER, as well as the stars from the film, including lead man TIMOTHY LUKE (Johnny Callaway), JORDAN WARREN (Tommy Miller), KYLE CLIFFORD (Art Delaney) ALEXANDRA HOLDER (Bettie Thompson) and many many more.

We are hoping to also be graced with special guests GENE WINFIELD and BILL HINES (both featured in the film), if Gene is not racing at El Mirage that afternoon.

The film DVDs will be available for the first time ever at the event. Look for the black DEUCE OF SPADES canopy and booth, which will be located near the City Hall. We will also have film posters, tee shirts, key chains as well as a collection of gorgeous 8.5 X 11 prints.

A signing will take place at the DEUCE OF SPADES merchandizing booth (time to be announced) so if you buy any merch that day make sure to have it signed by the stars of the film! This is a one time opportunity not to be missed.


n it came to picking a theater for my Premiere, I decided to think outside the box. After all, isn't it what making this film was all about, thinking outside the box? So I decided to turn my back on the trendy Hollywood theaters and open my heart to one little fifties theater with a great history: The Towne Theater. Built in 1916 it is said to be one of the oldest continuously running theater in the country!!! Mary Pickford performed vaudeville there back in the day. This is a very old school theater, unpretentious and will be the first ever theater in the world to show my film DEUCE OF SPADES. If all goes well I am hoping to even have a ticket vintage girl and a candy girl there, to really make it like it used to be back in the fifties.

The theater seats 300 and we should have two screenings (1PM and 4PM) to accommodate up to 600 lucky guests. I will personally give a small introduction before each screening and there will be a short Q&A afterwards.

RED CARPET will be at the 4PM screening - which is reserved for the cast, crew, close friends and media. If seating is still available for the 4PM showing, the seats will be assigned on a first come first serve basis, to whomever bought tickets first. Remaining guests will attend the 1PM showing, which will also feature the filmmaker and a Q&A session afterward.

Make sure to be near the Theater's entrance a tad before 4PM to cheer the cast and stars as they walk in on the red carpet!!

Film runtime is 128 minutes - No children under 13 allowed in the theater unless they are part of the cast.

Note: You need a ticket to enter the theater.

All aboard!! In my film and teaser you have seen Johnny Callaway running through a train station. Remember the gorgeous 50's train in that scene? I am very excited to announce that the Fillmore & Western Railway Company will be welcoming us on board that amazing authentic 1950's train (docked at the historical train station a mere 500 yards from the theater) to serve our guests a lovely meal. I had the meal catered by my favorite restaurant of all times and the meal will comprise of a Cesar salad, garlic bread sticks, chicken and a side of pasta, as well as your choice of soft drink, lemonade or water. It wouldn't be a meal without coffee and desert, so I got that covered too :). There will be four separate seating, depending on what wrist ban color you get at check in. Train can seat up to 150 people, so while some are watching the film, the others will eat, and visa versa. Make sure to get the event schedule and map when you check in, everything will be explained in detail on that map. Make sure to not be late to board your train. We have allocated 75 minutes for guests to eat and then all guests must exit the train promptly so the next 150 guests can board and also eat. Thank you for your consideration.

Note: Alcoholic beverages will be available on board the train at an additional cost - Please ask your waiter for more details. No alcoholic beverages may leave the train though, so drink up before you go!

Note: You need a ticket to board the train. Now offering Premiere tickets that do not include the meal on the train, for a reduced price of $15 per prs.

If you are not busy watching the film, admiring the cars or eating on board the vintage train you may wonder what else there will be for you to do that day... Wonder no more! Right at the footstep of the magnificent City Hall, (located right next to the train) in the town's main square, you will have the opportunity to listen to amazing live bands, bringing back the era with their doo-wop and 50's rock authentic songs. I am very proud to present, for the first time ever in the US, top Finnish bands MYSTERY TRAIN and KING DRAPES, both featured on the film's soundtrack. They will be flying all the way from Europe to be at the Premiere with us and share their great tunes with you guys. Hailing from our dear Southern California is no other than "LIL' MO AND THE DYNAFLOS" by far one of the best doo-wop bands around today and amazing harp player FLAT TOP TOM and his band, who landed his very cool tune for our famous film teaser. Final line up and schedule has not yet been finalized at the time of this writing but the event map the day of the show will have all the info you need. Band line up subject to change at any time.

Note: You do not need a ticket to enjoy the live bands - this area is open to the public.

Wait. It gets even BETTER. What is music without dancing? And what is 50's music without some awesome Lindy Hop? Since my film features the best dancers in the world, it is fair to assume that a few of them will show up and show off their cool moves in front of the City Hall. I have invited the Atomic Cherry Bombs to come perform a couple of their retro 20's, 30's and 40's numbers and hopefully they will also show us what Lindy Hop is all about. (To be confirmed). So come jive with us!

Note: You do not need a ticket to enjoy the dancing - this area is open to the public. Dancing is at your own risks. The filmmaker assumes no responsibility for any injuries you may sustain while dancing at the event.

Last, but certainly not least, I am delighted to say that my good friend, world renowned artist TOM FRITZ will be sharing some of his exquisite oil canvases, including the two famous DEUCE OF SPADES paintings (as seen on the online store). The exhibit will take place at the GIESSINGER WINERY, located right behind the City Hall, next to the trains. A mere 20 seconds walk from the live band area. So not only will you get to see Tom's beautiful art (depicting 50's hot rods in action) but you will also, if you so desire, get to do some wine tasting. This is a lovely establishment and they are very excited to welcome us that day. Please support the winery. They are very reasonably priced and I was told the wine tasting that day may include some goat cheese and bread, etc.

Note: You do not need a ticket to enjoy the exhibit and wine tasting. Additional fees for the wine apply - see the winery's price list. Exhibit is free.

I very much look forward to seeing you all at the event and sharing my film with you.


if the event is a success, the City of Fillmore might be willing to make it
a yearly summer DEUCE OF SPADES festival to celebrate the fifties.

Please help me make this bash a success by not bringing alcohol to the event.

Keep the city clean and treat it like it was your own home.


Drive very slow once you enter the city limits.

Thank you and God bless!