DEUCE OF SPADES, a Faith Granger film

Genre: Period Drama
Runtime: 128 min
Rated PG13

“Do you believe in second chances?”

When a hotrod girl finds a mysterious letter dating back to the fifties hidden in her roadster,
she is left with nothing but questions… Who is Johnny Callaway?
She sets out to find the answers and retrace her deuce’s troubled past.
But will uncovering the truth make a difference and can a broken man ever get a second chance at a happiness long forgotten?

Fast hotrods, cool cats, gravity defying swing dancing and rockin’ retro music all serve as a colorful backdrop to this heartfelt, inspiring story. Discover an underground scene where counter culture is in, old school is cool and nostalgia forever reigns.



Written, produced and directed
by Faith Granger.
Staring Timothy Luke, Jordan Warren, Kyle Clifford,
Alexandra Holder, Faith Granger.
Director of Photography: Faith Granger - Music by Faith Granger.