Faith Granger in Castro valley - story by Spencer Simon, photography by Spencer Simon



   About 4 weeks ago , I have gotten a message from Richard Parks that our lovely lady  "Faith Granger" of the  great Hot Rod movie . Producer , actor and musician of the famed " Deuce of Spades " award winning movie was in need of places to stay with her 52-53 feet RV and trailer . She at first were to head over to the great Monterey car show . It was only for a few days and time was short  . Remembering seeing her when she had opened her premier down south , was inspirational to me and it was an exciting adventure to participate  . When I learn that she was coming to my area . I tried to call out to see what I could do to help . It was a tough challenge to make an opening of space at a short notice . I was aware that I had a big street and a wide front yard . I  ask my wife if she would be alright with some temporary parking for a few days in front of the house and she gave me the ok . My hearing wasn't the greatest and i find that texting was my greatest contacting ability . Faith was able to have a shot with the Good Guys Car show in Pleasanton. CA . At that time she had called me while I was at work and was in need of help of a screw stuck in her tire . I tried to get some contacts for her . The Good Guys was only about 10 minutes from me , and I told her that I would come over on sunday on my only day off to see her . When I got to the Good Guys show , I couldn't resist seeing the swap meets , car corals , and Hot Rod vendors . They always know how to put the baits on the hook with them goods . By the time I have reached to Faith Granger . She was talking to a lot of people and getting them acquainted to her Film . She was just as glamorous as she ever was . Obviously she didn't know what I looked like and I pretty much guessed that .We finally got blended in and I told her that if she needed my help that she can park at my place .  By the time she came around to my place after another . and told me that she was around the corner . I see the beast coming up the road . I said to myself "Oh my God ' - But an ok saying one . It was an experience watching Faith handle the beast by her self and I admire her for this . Her trailer carries her Deuce that she used for the film . She actually drives the Bebe around town and does some exploring . Anyhow to shorten things up , It was fun . My wife and her got along well . Faith did some other visitings and came back a few days each week . We finally had our most fun in San Francisco where I wanted to take her from the first week when I couldn't . That was a great day and we all had fun . There were a lot of shops and great people . - Thanks for the Thrill Faith - Spencer and Family