The next topic of interest is Faith Granger's new movie, “Deuce of Spades”, which is projected to come out somewhere in 2009. She is a new filmmaker and learning as she goes, but she has tons of talent and more important, a true love of hot rodding and dry lakes racing. I know, because we email back and forth and she sets her standards high and won't budge for anyone. The trailers that I have seen have all been quite remarkable for the resources that she has to work with. As soon as I see the movie I will do a movie review. But so far I like what I see because she has stayed as close to the era and the factual content is really good. It's a novel, but it's all based on the early 1950's and Faith has done an excellent job of research and talking to the old timers, especially Gene Winfield. Gene plays the hot rodder in his seventies, though I haven't quite seen that part yet. I won't give away the plot, mainly because I don't know what the plot is, but you can bet that it's an A version of a B film noir of the time that used to fill the movie theatres and attract us when we were youths. Lots of people whom we all know will be mentioned and I'm not sure, but maybe you will see places, cars and people that you recognize. The music is very true to the time. The young actors are unknowns, though I've googled a few of their names and they do have movie credits in other films, so they have acted before.
I think this film may be coming out just at the right time, during a tough recession that has people looking back to a time when things were rough and we all had to make do with what we could afford and what we could invent out of re-useables. We are more reflective and thoughtful now and this movie looks at our inner selves and what is important to us. More than that, it's a hot rod movie that is more within our generation of the 1950's than “American Graffiti”, which represents the late 1960's and early '70's. We do have the B movies, often in black and white, that are still floating around and some of which can be found at But a modern and true version of our hot rodding past has yet to be made and Faith Granger may just be the film maker that does the impossible and brings us a movie that we can play over and over again. Our hope is that she becomes known and successful, including the actors in the movie as well, and will make more period pieces that we can call our own. We are a niche market, not very large, but there is a large cross-over into the rock and roll, Elvis Presley and pre-Viet Nam era that could make this movie a real hit among the Independent or Indy crowd. We are hoping for every success for Faith and Deuce of Spades. I can hardly wait for the movie to come out.