Looking at the latest Hollywood movies over the last few months, we have been witnessing a big budget battle where plot and stories have lost their charm completely due to the excessive concentration on images and special effects. Amidst all this, a small no budget independent film, unusually cool, is emerging, with cult film written all over it: DEUCE OF SPADES, Faith Granger latest film. MOTORAVER is proud to be the first Auto magazine to bring the scoop to Germany!

So how did this project come to be?

Filmmaker Faith Granger, born in France, Nice, moved with her family to Beirut, Lebanon when she was just a child. She was raised there amidst a hostile climate of civil war and lived through difficult times: War and destruction were sweeping the land and taught Faith a deep appreciation for life. In the eighties, she immigrated to the US where the multi talented young lady pursued many artistic endeavors. Her passion for cars sprung at the early age of 14, when she started asking her father questions about engines and how a car functions. In 2006, she found her dream car, a 1932 Ford Roadster, and purchased it, working on it herself to finish its restoration. The same roadster is now the star car in DEUCE OF SPADES.

After making a documentary ("LAST OF THE HIGHBOY GIRLS") honoring the female pioneers of hotrodding for the Grand National Roadster Show 75th anniversary of the deuce, It became clear that she wanted to tackle a Hot Rod feature film next. A mere two weeks later, she dived right in.

Production started in 2007, with a skeleton crew of 2 to 3 people and cast comprising of some of Hollywood's most talented up and coming actors, who all showed an immediate genuine interest in the 50's era period film. With the support of the local hotrod community, the filmmaker was able to pull this "tour de force". There were many times where perfect strangers stepped forward to help, each bringing to the table just what she needed to pull off the next shoot. The film contains some sequence showing street racing, dragracing, dry lake racing, car shows and cruising, amongst other things. Flashbacks run over 90 minutes, all of which shot at period correct locations and with period correct props and cars!

In an effort to retain artistic control and not compromise the integrity of her film and vision, Faith turned down opportunities to have Hollywood financial investors involved. The fact that she used all her savings and even pension plan to see this film through has earned her my highest respects. Especially since she also did everything herself, filling all the many functions needed to make a film.

"I would have never become a filmmaker if it wasn't for my deuce!" said Granger.

Well, we feel the world needs more movies like DEUCE OF SPADES and more filmmakers like Faith Granger.