DEUCE of SPADES - A period hot rod film by Faith Granger. Runtime: 128 minutes. genre: Drama. PG13.  Available on DVD - all region - 24 progressive - widescreen.  Stereo and 5.1 Surround sound mix.
INTRODUCTION: To begin with my review of the film, "The Deuce of Spades," I would like to point out that the film was entirely done by one hot rod lady who produced, directed, filmed, did the lighting, acted, composed the score, and much more. This woman's name is Faith Granger
THE DETAILS: The overall creation of this film speaks for itself. The shooting of the film was done very professionally. The lighting and cinematography were just perfect. Camera moves and angles were compelling. The soundtrack blended and flowed very well with all the scenes. It is just as good as it should be.   
THE FILM: I would like to say that the setting of the film World Premiere in Fillmore, California was fantastic.  The film plot starts out with a bit of puzzling mystery with a modern day Hot Rod girl named Faith stumbles upon a barn find: A 1932 deuce roadster sporting a mysterious spade emblem on its steering wheel horn button. While working to restore the car, she finds a 50 plus year old secret.  Reflecting shadows much like the classic detective movie "Marlowe." Faith proves to be a great finder of lost hearts. Main actors Timothy Luke and Alexandra Holder (who played Johnny Callaway with girlfriend Bettie Thompson), have spiced up the film flawlessly. This film is seasoned with dry lake racing, drag racing, street racing, jealously, rage, passion, love and honor. In the film Johnny Callaway is a top mechanic and an unbeatable drag racer who is led down a dangerous and troubled path by his love for speed. As tragedy strikes, his life and love are shattered. Johnny's struggles are retraced by the hot rod girl, in her attempt to uncover her deuce's dark past. Ultimately the message is one of Hope, Providence and Redemption.  With another legendary hot rodder, Gene Winfield, Faith Granger makes the ending scene unforgettable, proving once again that "the Truth shall set you free."  You all have to see this great film. The actors perform with superbness. For all the actors that play the roles and all who have supported it; I congratulate them for a great true Hot Rod classic of the 1950's.  Cheers to you Faith Granger.  To get this great film you will have to purchase the DVD at
www.deuceofspades.com. Reviewed by Spencer Simon #1932-Inliners International. 
   Spencer: Thank you for the fine review and if you see any more hot rod and car racing movies, please send us your review.