STEP ONE - Determine whether you qualify or not for a wholesale account.

QUALIFIES: If you have a shop, your own online store (some restrictions apply - please see below), hot rod shop, museum or are an established car organization or car club, you qualify to apply for a wholesale account with us.

MAY OR MAY NOT QUALIFY: You may not qualify for a wholesale account if your current retail store is not related to cars, vintage memorabilia / clothing or films. Also, you may not qualify if your car club has less than 20 members, as you would probably not meet the minimum order requirements... But feel free to apply, eligibility will be evaluated on a case per case basis and depending on what type of retail business or car club you currently have, we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.

DOES NOT QUALIFY: You will not qualify for a wholesale account if you are a private party (you must buy from our regular retail store instead). Also, if you conduct your sales on a third party website (such as Ebay, etc) you will not qualify.


STEP TWO - Fill the application form and send it.

Please be thorough. Incomplete forms will delay the process. If you do not hear from us within a week, please email us to make sure your form was received.


Your name:  

Your title:  
Ex: owner, manager, sales rep, car club president etc...


Phone nb:  

Name of business / car club:  

Website address of business / car club (if any):  

Type of business / car club:   

Please describe the type of store / business / car club and what products you sell and where you sell them:


Store /car club location address (if online store, enter your own address): Make sure to mention what country!!



Do you intend to sell this film on a third party website such as Ebay, Amazon, or any other website that
you don't personally own.


Do you currently sell other hot rod DVDs, and if so which ones?


Thank you so much for your support! Click SUBMIT to send your application: