Car people, Film people, critics, everyday people, male and female audiences alike are raving about DEUCE OF SPADES.

Winner of the LIFF PICK Award (Laughlin International Film Festival), winner of the REEL WHEEL Award (Reel Wheel International Film Festival), winner of the "BEST FEATURE FILM" Award, the "BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY" Award, "BEST SCREENPLAY" Award and "BEST EDITING" Award (MONTEREY AUTOMOTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL).

Rating 7/10 on Imdb, the cult phenomenon has established itself as a "Timeless cult classic", a "Landmark in independent filmmaking", a "Masterpiece" that will withstand the test of time.

See what the critics and audience have to say...




"A powerful, timeless cult classic!”



"Best hot rod film since American Graffiti"


"Worth the Wait! A quality, must see film!"


 "Exceptional! Best, newest hot rod film out there!"


 "A slice of Americana artfully carved right out of the Fifties"


 "One of the greatest hot rod films ever!"


 "In a word, an AWESOME film"


“A favorite among car and hot rod enthusiasts!”


“Spectacular! Best period perfect hot rod film!”



“Stunning! A must see, awesome film!”


 "Best car movie I have ever seen. I was very impressed! Lots of great roadster shots, strong story and cinematography!  I don't believe I've ever seen a car movie that was so authentic: I consider Deuce Of Spades an award winning movie!"
             (DICK SCRITCHFIELD - Founder of the famous historic LOS ANGELES ROADSTER CLUB)


"A perfect film! DEUCE OF SPADES is epic,
a must see for both car enthusiasts and general public."



 "A powerful movie, destined to become a cult classic: It is a bold canvas with cinematography and action that are simply beautiful.
I rate it a 7 3/4 Sparkplugs out of a perfect 8."



 "More hot rod than American Graffiti, more drama than World Fastest Indian and
as much tragedy and romance as An Affair to Remember."



 ""DEUCE OF SPADES is sure to become a cult masterpiece with the hot rod world.
I cannot say enough about this film!"



 "One of the best films in its genre! Five stars out of five!" 


 "Riveting and unforgettable: The kind of film that becomes a cult favorite"


 "Faith Granger has created a landmark in independent cinema.  Her cinematographic abilities are limitless! A great story, wonderfully filmed, a colorful tapestry of
rock n' roll, vintage America and fast cars. Deuce of Spades puts the established movie industry and their multi-million dollar budgets to shame!"



 "A chance to relive the fifties, Golden Era of hot rodding!
DEUCE OF SPADES has cult film written all over it"



 "Beautifully shot, Deuce Of Spades is an emotional roller coaster, an engaging film,
keeping the viewer captivated from start to finish"







"If the filmmaker does not get nominated for an Academy Award for this amazing accomplishment, there is not justice!"

                                                                      - Jim Nelson, Academy Member


"Years ago I fell in love with the work of artist Tom Fritz for his stunning use of form and light, and because he catches the essence of hot rod spirit in images of cars racing across desert basins.

Deuce of Spades amazed me as the motion picture embodiment of Tom Fritz' art, a spiritual experience of beauty, freedom and raw power.

The romance in Deuce of Spades is not limited to that between guys (and girls) and their cars, but also about a love affair interrupted by circumstance, and a woman's quest to bring that affair to fulfillment.

The photography is a knock-out, and the actors, plot and dialog are all solid and convincing. I seldom buy a feature film, but this is one I am enjoying over and over."

                                                                      - Phill Laursen


"Faith Granger made a masterpiece... Through an astonishing plot and compelling cinematography, the movie is really able to convey the true, old and deep feelings between some men and some cars, from start to end... And the end is fantastic!"

                                                                      - Clivio Tesorini, CRUISING LIFE MAGAZINE


"Wow! Great film!!! Faith Granger is well on her way to a very prosperous and fruitful future. She has the “eye” and the multi-talent. Like Robert Rodriguez, she is an inspiration to every aspiring filmmaker."
                                                                      - Ken McIntyre - GASSER MAGAZINE


"Best car movie I have ever seen. I was very impressed! Lots of great roadster shots, strong story and cinematography! I don't believe I've ever seen a car movie that was so authentic: I consider Deuce Of Spades an award winning movie!"

                                            - Dick Scritchfield - FOUNDER OF THE LOS ANGELES ROADSTER CLUB


"Deuce of Spades was by far the best movie I saw in 2010 and although I'm not a member of the Academy, it gets my nod for the Oscar as best picture of 2010! Set against the backdrop of the early 1950's, Deuce of Spades whisks you away into the very heart and soul of classic hot rodding. More than just lots of very cool cars, and believe me, there is a veritable sea of timeless classics, at its core, Deuce of Spades is a powerful and moving love story. Woven into the colorful tapestry of swing dancing, vintage rock 'n' roll, saddle shoes, and fast cars, this movie goes straight for your heartstrings and doesn't let go. Hang on tight 'cause you're right along for the ride with Johnny Callaway, (wonderfully played by Timothy Luke) and his Deuce of Spades. 

Faith Granger has created something truly magical that will stand for years to come as a landmark in independent cinema. There's an honesty and passion which comes through and the only thing which touches me more than the story portrayed in the movie is the story behind its brilliantly gifted creator."  

                                                                   - Craig Bowman




"An incredible movie/experience…  My wife Brenda, Joe, Angie and me were all blown away with the story, acting, twists, the emotion and on and on.  I definitely will tell my friends and family about it and what they missed today.  The cars, the bands, the people… a great experience.  Truthfully, I expected we would see the movie, check out the cars and get on with daily life in Fillmore.  We got there at 11:30am and stayed all day and into the evening… "

                                                 -  Dave Crocket - President Fillmore Chamber of Commerce.


"This is a very complex film. It went against every stereotype I knew of. It certainly wasn't a typical Hollywood, prepackaged and stale copy of the standard work. This film will have great cross-over appeal. There are only a few movies that I enjoy seeing over and over again. Deuce of Spades is so full of meaning that I could watch this movie over and over again and still find something fresh.(...) It is riveting and unforgettable. Deuce of Spades isn't an easy film to review and it often is a hard film to watch; exactly the kinds of films that over time become a cult favorite."

                                               - Richard Parks, son of Wally Parks, founder of the NHRA.


What an outstanding outcome for your film. Congratulations. I really thought the film is terrific."


                                                                      - Ray Brown, Fillmore Film Commission.


  "I've seen many indie films that aim for the sky and fall short, especially when it comes to capturing the essence of the story and the characters struggle; The quintessential heart and soul.

Deuce of Spades, on the other hand, doesn't just come packed with quality visuals and slick hot-rods, but also incorporates the HEART & SOUL throughout its run-time and connects with the audience at an emotional level - leaving you vulnerable in the end.

I've seldom felt the barrage of emotions that I experienced at the film's screening, and as a film-maker myself, this project has become part of a elite group of Independent Films that continues to inspire me in my personal journey into the directing world. Hats off to Faith Granger, her star Timothy Luke and the entire cast and volunteers who were involved in the making of this very ambitious flick."

                                                                                - Adithya Ashok, Filmmaker


"I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film from beginning to end. I teared up at least three times. It has just the right amount of drama, humor, tragedy, excitement, despair, and redemption. What the filmmaker has accomplished is nothing short of amazing!  I've seen many films, studio blockbusters and independents, and I must say that this exceeds the expectations of an independent film, although it has elements of an independent, it is exceptionally unique in it's story, presentation and cinematography.

After seeing it, I'm actually having dreams of scenes from the movie now!"

                                                                      - Robert Eldon, Filmmaker.



  "There is a level of genius in this production! The lighting, composition, ingenuity and creativity are as good as I have seen in 25 years of producing films and television. Especially the period scenes. The film captured the 50's and hot rod scene. (...) The director had some brilliant ideas that succeeded on film. Bravo. The story is well thought out, the direction is strong, and the casting was very successful. I believe Faith Granger will have success with this film and the films to follow. Her directing career is off to a great start."

                                                                       - Oak O'Connor

                                                                         Sr. Director, Production and Programming
                                                                         GoTV Networks & Studio


"Deuce of Spades is a hand crafted piece of art. This is a car movie, but it actually has character development, a plot, high craftsmanship, and a meaningful message which will extend its appeal far beyond the typical car movie crowd.

All the characters in this movie are fully three dimensional characters that evolve and change before the audience's eyes. They do not fall into the stereotypical categories associated with many movie characters, and show true real-life emotion, strength, and weakness. The well thought out plot keeps the audience emotionally involved with all of the characters, while giving both the character and audience room to grow. All while the plot twists create a true need to understand the characters and know the truth about the Deuce.

The quality of Deuce of Spades is also fantastic. The cinematography is very nicely done; using lots of natural light that helps showcase all of the stars of this film, including the cars. The scenery and locations are also well chosen, and add a realistic back drop for story development. All the vehicles were period correct and added realism to the story. I personally like the use of the TRI fives, 1955, 1956, 1957 Chevrolets, as a way to mark the passage of time.

This movie will naturally mean something different to each and every person who sees it, but it does get many messages across relating to the essence and feelings of love, rebellion, pride, passion, fear, and destiny. It is these messages along with the powerful emotions of the characters and decent acting that sets this film apart.

Deuce of Spades is much better than most of the movies put out by Hollywood, and stays with you long after the credits have finished. The meaningful feelings that this movie impresses upon an individual should be done by all Hollywood movies. Simply put; most other movies get their doors blown off by the Deuce of Spades."

                                                              - Michael Guido



  "Following the press releases since the beginning, the movie was all I hoped it to be... And more!  "

                                                                - Jerry Kennedy, National Street Rod Association


"If Someone would ask me what I thought of the movie in one word I would say "AWESOME!!
For Granger to go from not working in the Movie or TV industry and have this in 4 short years is nothing short of Aww inspiring. Her determination and relentless pursuit of knowledge both for her roadster maintenance and filmmaking is the stuff legends in both worlds are made of.

The movie was Photographed beautifully, Edited Superbly and the Sound design and soundtrack are period perfect!!

It is a Standard Hollywood movie. There is no incling at all of anything amateur. The movie is entertaining at all times. There is no LULL in the picture, the story continues to hold your attention throughout the film. Not a boring moment. The effects on the roadster flip over were excellent!!. Faith Granger has really got a great film there. The Sky is the limit!!
The sad moments when Bettie gets the letter from Johnny at the book signing was very emotional, I got teary eyed! It's a great film!!

                                                              - Osvaldo Silvera, Filmmaker.


"DEUCE OF SPADES reminded me of why I love hotrodding. There's is nothing more to say but...It is perfect in everyway. Amazing...  It truly touched my heart..."

                                                                     - Jake Ciciarelli, hotrodder.



  "A fantastic, retro, timeless master piece. I bought a copy of the film and have watched it three times. It is FANTASTIC! Well edited, superb acting and great directing"

                                                                                - Eric Vigil, photographer.


" You did not just touch my heart, you went straight through it! Growing up in Sweden on American Graffiti and dreams of the 50´s I have seen just about every movie ever made that included any of that, and this  movie of yours is the best one I have ever seen.
Thank You so very much for fighting for  your dream, it was well worth it and you will inspire many, many people. This movie will be known forever as one of the big ones, and frankly, I think you just started an avalanche."


                                                                  - Peter Place, classic car collector / trader


" DEUCE OF SPADES is the Ultimate Hot Rod movie!! An outstanding effort!! EVERYTHING was perfect - the storyline, the props - everything. I just am so very impressed by Faith Granger vision and dedication to put this fine piece of art together - and I say art as it is!

What she has done is create a hot rod film that captivates young and old, male or female and everyone in between on all levels. Just BRILLIANT!



                                                     - Greg Stokes, HOT ROD MAGAZINE NEW ZEALAND


  "This is an Oscar movie! The love story is even better then the movie "The Notebook". "

                                                                                - Crystal Dossett, spectator.


  "Bonjour Faith.
Je ne sais comment commencer, car tant d'émotions me bouleversent après la vision de ton film! 
Quel bhoneur de regarder DEUCE OF SPADE, il y avait bien lontemps que je n'avais pas vu un film de cette qualité, écrie, réalisé, produit et jouer par toi quel justesse. Je dis chapeaux bas,tour de force incroyable. Si je n'habitait pas de l'autre coté de l'atlantique j'aurais adoré participé à la réalisation de ce film même comme simple aide de camps.
DEUCE OF SPADE respire la sincérité et la noblesse d'âme, l'esprit du hot roding et là dans tous ce qu'il y a de plus grand.Car c'est bien la le secret, l'esprit, l'âme. C'est à peine croyable,on pourrais presque palper les émotions, cette alchimie presque magique qui relie quatre destins à une machine, le DEUCE OF SPADE, prolongement de l'âme à la matière.
Ton film touche la perfection, amour, foi, bonté d'âme, noblesse, courage, passion, ténacité.
Une belle leçon de vie."


                                                                                - Alexandre Chatelle - FRANCE


" Truly a work of diligence & hard work! All photography was at its best, all scenes were of great quality, and the filmmaker was adamant on keeping the period of props very close to reality.(...) All the actors did a superb job (...) "Good job"!

                                                                      -  Don Thomas, LA ROADSTERS


"All I can say is ... Faith Granger has created a timeless masterpiece.
The hot rod culture, the meticulous attention to period detail, the characters, the story, the beautiful cinematography, the music, the whole package: I don’t think I’m going over the edge when I say I had flashes of Bergman and Wells watching Deuce of Spades. DEUCE OF SPADES gets even better with each viewing and it's artistry is a pleasure to experience!
Granger put Hollywood studios to shame. If there is any justice, she will have a great future in film."

                                                                      - Kevin  Bishop - CANADA



"Great movie! There wasn't a dry eye in the house!"

                                                                      - Ron Main, SIDEWINDERS President.


  "Deuce Of Spades is powerful and compelling"

                                                                                - Dave Mann, Land Speed racer.


"An absolutely wonderful film!"

                                                                      - Bob Fanucchi.



"Wow! I am so impressed and amazed by this film. It is truly a beautiful piece, an accomplishment. "

                                                                       - Harriette Middleton, spectator.



  " I just finished watching DEUCE OF SPADES. It was worth the wait. It is my new favorite movie. The story was great, caliber of acting, and quality of the film is the best. I had to wipe tears away several times.  A major studio couldn't have done better, in fact, I believe they could not have done as well, because the filmmaker put their heart and soul into this film."

                                                               - Michael Breed, fan.


"The movie was great! I loved all of it - There should be more movies like this! "

                                                                       - Debbie, Spectator.



  " I was so moved by this movie that it’s been 5 days and I can’t stop thinking or talking about it.  The storyline truly had something for everybody."

                                                               - Wendy Reese, spectator. 


"Since seeing the film, my dad has spoken of nothing else. He has not been able to sleep! He loved it!! I thought it was great myself, I was very impressed."

                                                                       - Lindy Reilley, car collector.



  "Great story, strong presentation and a beautiful portrayal of the 50s, the decade in which many of us "grew up", myself included. Granger has done a fabulous job, a true labor of love and we are all the richer for it."

                                                               - Tom Potter, car owner. 


“As a highly original independent film DEUCE OF SPADES stands out proudly from the pack, but as a very first feature from a brand new, self-taught director who’s learned literally EVERYTHING she knows on the job, it is simply unparalleled. This film and the story behind its creation are extraordinary, and nothing this filmmaker accomplishes in the future will surprise me; she’s that good.”

                                                   - Brendan Davis, Producer (DEADGIRL, ROUGH HUSTLE)



  "The ride was long , but after seeing the film my ride meant nothing. I am very grateful that Faith Granger came up with such a fantastic film. Timothy Luke and the others did a very awesome  job.  I was not aware that he was the main guy in the film when he shook my hand at the Premiere. DEUCE OF SPADES is a great, wonderful movie that has delivered color in this black and white world. "

                                                                          - Sir Spencer Simon, car owner  


"Outstanding film!! I lived much of that era and Granger nailed it !!! After it ended I just had to sit a while.  It was **that** good."
                                                                         - Frank Melbourne, FL


  "I have never seen a TRULY independent movie that is set on a time period done so well, let alone by a first time filmmaker. Faith Granger has really proven herself to be very talented and I can't wait to see what she tackles next. Although this is not a big budget film, the story is solid and the ability to extract emotion from the audience is as powerful as many of today's Hollywood movies. This is a gem for sure and if nothing else, the story of how it was made will inspire artists throughout the world to pursue their dreams and create."

                                                  - Luis Sinibaldi, Producer.


"I came to the premiere on Sunday with high expectations for seeing a true 50's hot rod movie. My expectations were certainly met but I had not expected to be taken on an emotional roller coaster; it's rare that I cry in a movie but the film got to me."
                                                                         - Les Bateman


  "I can't stop thinking about this film, and the more I read about the process, the more impressed I become. Then I saw the picture of Faith and her camera... OMG.... That was P2??? I shoot P2 for NBC and it sure the hell never looks like that!! WOW. I'm stunned."

                                                  - Lori Bentley Law, photographer.


"That was such an incredible experience yesterday at the premiere... The movie was fabulous,  the event, spectacular and the cast was so nice and all were so reachable/touchable to the FANS!! "


                                                                       - Sue and Steve Smashey


  "I loved it!!! What a sexy film and I loved the cars, all of them!
The film choked me up a bit: That never happens to me. The ending was very powerful and profound. It still moves me thinking about it!"

                                                  - David Gallentine


"I've been digesting the info from this movie since the viewing. Call me crazy, but I've been so affected that right now I feel like I want to build something excruciatingly fast and powerful, then push it past its limits just so I can suffer the agony and displacement that the characters have shown lead to such a fulfilling reward. The message that I got was the power of love. It was nailed down so hard with this production it made me wanna burst into flames just to recover that one most prized gift. This movie is going to find its place in history; It's a winner."
                                                                         - Ian Roussell, custom car builder.


  "Faith Granger's Deuce of Spades is an incredible accomplishment of dedication, grit and talent. The cars, the clothes, the dancing and the environment she has created are so authentic that you are transported to another time. But Deuce of Spades is not just for hot rodders! It is a celebration of the cars and hotrodders of that era yes, but it is much more than that.  It is a love story that grabs your heart while the beautifully filmed scenes mesmerize your eyes. Newcomer Timothy Luke, is an exciting star...ala James Dean.  Very impressive first film. A must see!"

                                                                  - C. Campbell


"I must say I was lucky enough to be at the Test Screening of DEUCE OF SPADES. I was engrossed right from the beginning of the movie and up till the very end. It touched my heart and brought back my youth once again. The sound designs were mysterious and enchanting. The storyline was so real, I could relate my own life to it. The dialogues and actors were right on as if it were the fifties all over again. I have many adjectives to describe DEUCE OF SPADES but for now I'll just say it was AWESOME!....I can't wait to see it again."
                                                                                       - Sam Stray


  "Loved the film ... Loved all of it... The  characters... I feel that is where the movie gets it life... The attention to period detail is on the money.. When all is said and done you really do have a winner and reading what you went through to get it done is amazing.. Great film!! Enjoy your victory. You earned it..."

                                                                - Bobby Champagne


" An extremely well done and great movie "
                                                - David P. Donaldson, MFA


"The use of lighting is sheer emotion, the story comes through loud and clear... I have never been so moved by anyone's work like that."  

                                                       - Mike S.


" I was impressed by everything: Performances, how the story came together, photography, etc. You should be proud."

                                        - Terry Starling



"DEUCE OF SPADES really really rocked the audience in a huge way. Never have I witnessed such a large crowd riveted to their seats. Hardly anybody even moved in their chairs an inch!  The film was a huge success. It comes straight from the heart and the integrity of the filmmaker is very obvious.

An amazing heartfelt major contribution to all of us who lived the era..."

                                                                                - Johnny Clay


" Excellent film, well done.  (...)  One thousand percent better than we would have ever expected from a private movie producer. It was a privilege to be there at the screening."

                                                                        - Gary Gross


"Haven't been able to get this movie out of my head since I saw it last night"

                                                                                - Henry D. Jones


"Caught the film in Daytona last night... I think Faith Granger has a winner on her hands! The audience reaction was very positive, and everyone seemed to enjoy it."
                                                                            - Bud Pyle


"A very good movie!"
                   - Linda DeMarco


" Saw the screening premiere of Deuce of Spades in Daytona. Loved the whole concept.  Story line was really great. Music fit very well. Will definitely see it again. I was expecting a different ending so I was surprised in the end.  I have told all my hotrod and non hotrod friends about this film!"

                                                                 - Pat Gross


"Fantastic job! The camera work was sweet.  The wide shots on the flats during magic hour were stunning.  I love that stuff."

                                          - R.T, Independent Filmmaker


"Awesome art piece! Incredible sense of style and emotion..."

                                                           - Jan Müller



"Fantastic! The movie was well beyond my expectations!!"

                                    - Rex Jaramillo


"Hello Faith,

Just wanted to say a big "Thank You" and what a fantastic job on your movie. My son purchased it for me last x-mas, and I have to say it was well worth the wait. My wife  Paula and two boys Frankie and Gabe just finished watching it. I think I'm going for a ride in my roadster!!!

Once again "GREAT JOB"  "

                                                           - Frank Tamayo



"Deuce of Spades is a great movie! Wonderful acting, directing and incredible detail!  This movie is actually better than American Graffiti! It is a real winner! Love it and we are looking forward to seeing it again!"
                                                                            - Roberta & Jerry Morford


"My wife and I were  blown away by the quality and the story of this movie.  We have not seen a better movie come from the big studios and we hope the filmmaker gets the recognition they so richly deserve."

                                                           - Steve and Carol Rutherford



"You nailed it girl.  I'm an old gear head, drag racer, hot rodder.  Just growing old, not up.  This is the first time i've watched a love story from start to finish.  Thanks for bringing me down memory lane.  Only the best is coming your way."
                                                                            - Bobby T.


"Two thumbs way up on the film!"

                                                           - Jeffery Haas, filmmaker.



"Just finished watching the movie. WOW! Great hot rods, perfect casting, locations and real hot rodders at the lakes. Period perfect and tells a story which really could have happened. Very well written and photographed. A great hot rod movie and love story. (Yes I shed a few tears)."
                                                                            - Dave Moren


"This movie is beautiful!! I received my copy today and immediately put in in to watch. All I can say is WOW! If real men don't cry then I guess I'm not real because I did at the end of the film.
Thank you for giving the world this movie."

                                                           - Devin Cary



"Good story! Loved the cars and the locations, the editing was fantastic! My wife who is not exactly a "Hot Rodder" really enjoyed it: This is a movie for more than just car people."
                                                                            - Tim McMaster


"What a fantastic film!

This is so much better than so many of the big buck Hollywood garbage films that come out!
Loved the story, loved the music, just loved the film."

                                                           - Gary Swiatowy



"Wow! What a great movie. Faith Granger hit it out of the park. Looks like the stage is set for a great career for her - in writing, directing, filming, acting, and music. Looking forward to her next piece."
                                                                            - Dan Knopp


"This is really hard for me to write, I'm such a jumble of emotions right now after watching DOS, I'll just say that I LOVED EVERYTHING about it !!! In St. Paul, Minnesota where I live I was in a Car Club called "The Jokers Wild" I just wanted to say how this movie brought back so many of my own car club memories....I never had a second chance. I can see why Faith Granger turned down major studio backing, she did it her way and did it rite, they would have wrecked it."

                                                           - Paul Busta



"The film is AWESOME!"
                                                                            - Michael Wittman  


"I received my copies of Deuce of Spades this evening (literally delivered by the postman at 8:30 PM), as well as my signed poster.  I couldn’t wait to watch the movie.  It’s now about 1:20 AM, I watched the movie, the extra features, and director’s commentary all in one sitting! 

The movie was awesome and amazing.  It touched every emotion… You cannot watch this movie without laughing and crying.  Faith Granger's ability to blend a timeless love story with a hot rod theme was really thrilling to watch.  Her care in making sure everything was historically accurate was readily apparent and is a testimony to her dedication to the project.  She is truly a gifted artist."

                                                           - Mike Drennan




"I am blown away! I loved that Deuce! Well worth the waiting!"

                                                                    - Fredrik Holmlund, Sweden



""Deuce Of Spades is one of those films which can be enjoyed repeatedly, due in great part to your filming style, the scenery, and the music.  I can just coast with it, letting it carry me along for a ride.  There were no hot rods around where I grew up so watching your film is "the next best thing to being there" as Ma Bell used to say."

                                                                    - Richard Hobbard, CA


"AWESOME. This is a great hot rod epic! What a great movie. Well done, great photography and we loved the story line and the presentation. This was even better than the trailers let on!"

                                                          - Butch Chaffer




"WOW!!! Great cars, great love story....I will be watching this for years to come.. Faith Granger did an outstanding, top job...This film will keep Love and the love of hot rods alive..."

                                                                       - Tony Cheeseman


"The movie is FANTASTIC! The 2 hours went by like 5 minutes. This is going to be a huge success."

                                                          - John Holden




"A stunning movie. I particularly enjoyed listening to the rumble of hot rods around my living room as they reverberated through my home theatre. I am more than impressed by the director's talent and skills. She took a simple idea and produced something that not only hot rodders will love but should, given the right exposure, appeal to the masses and hopefully bring a whole new awareness of the hot rod scene."

                                                                       - Steve Pyne


"Awesome movie... Brought me to tears"

                                                          - Susan Shaffer




"I was completely blown away by the film - what a stunning achievement! "

                                                                       - Kevin Bishop


"I've now watched the movie several times - Best movie ever, I love it!"

                                                          - Andrew Smith




"Standing ovation! It was wonderful to watch a "car movie" that had a meaningful story line, superb period details instead of dumb mistakes and, dare I say it, could even be considered a "chick flick"! "

                                                                       - Bob


"My wife, who usually does not like my Hot Rod movies, not only liked the story but the quality of the movie and the acting. Faith Granger has a hit on her hands!"

                                                          - Anonymous




"My Wife, my Mother in Law and I just had a great evening viewing "Deuce of Spades." The filmmaker's passion for this film comes through on the screen! "

                                                                       - Anonymous


"My wife and I watched the movie last night. All I can say is WOW! We both thought it was very well done and enjoyed it very much. I cannot imagine what kind of effort it must have taken to get all of this done. It was so much better than most of what is out there today, we also believe it should be on the big screen. The passion of the filmmaker shows in every frame of the movie."

                                                          - Gary Vail




"All I can say is WOW !!! Inspirational and motivating !! The film was great and I seriously dug it. Like many have already said ..... It is better then most of the stuff that's out at the theater now. It really should be on the big screen for others to watch. The camera work (angles) depth of some of the shots were just second to none and Faith Granger can show some "experienced film makers" a thing or two. She truly made something special. "

                                                                       - Jeff Neppl


"The movie is awesome! I really like the hot rod scenes and my wife liked the love story"

                                                          - Adam Caldwell




"It's a great movie! A well done chick-flick with lotsa car action, kinda like Piero De Luca meets Nicholas Sparks"

                                                                       - Donald Coleman


"Got the dvd yesterday and watched it 2 times last nite. Awesome job! We really enjoyed it. Well worth the wait"

                                                          - Bradley Roe




"A great accomplishment! This was obviously an incredible amount of work for one person to manage. Writing, music, filming, acting, directing, editing... and she did very well at every one of them.

Very well done.  Faith Granger is an inspiration. "

                                                                       - Donald Dillard


"Watched DEUCE OF SPADES again tonight with the girlfriend, and kids even. Everybody was into the movie start to finish. Never a dull moment. After wards the girlfriend couldn't talk to me for about an hr about the movie. Finally asked her to rate it on a scale of 1-10 and got a 10."

                                                          - Jeff




"Can't wait to give my friend his copy. I liked the film even more the 2nd time I watched it. I think Faith Granger already has a "cult classic" on her hands"

                                                                       - Anonymous


"My family and I watched it last night. I knew it was going to be good but WOW it was awesome! Loved the story, the actors were great, the cars were perfect and the photography was incredible. The movie defiantly hit on all cylinders. Even my wife loved it."

                                                          - Steve Patton




"WOW !!!!!! What a GREAT MOVIE ! I was totally surprised at how well the movie was thought out and it was an excellent movie to say the least . There was a terrific story line and saw some really sweet hot rods . I enjoyed every single minute of the entire movie . It was all good points and didn't see any bad ones at all . The ending was the best that you could have made it out to be . I won't say anymore about the movie so not to spoil anything for those who have not seen the movie yet , but there is lots of great hotrods , kustom , traditions , drag racing , the salt flats , fights , well you will just have to see it !

Faith Granger nailed it right on the head with this great movie ! "

                                                                       - Jim Holder


"Wow!!! Great flick! Great story! Great scenes! Great cars! Very well done!

That Faith Grainger is one Hell of a Director, Editor, and seemingly everything else. I didn't count, but I'll bet her name appears in the credits at least 50-times. She seems destined for great things!"

                                                          - James McNaul




"Got my copy of DEUCE OF SPADES today in the mail. Talked the wife into watching it, she's not into the car scene. We both loved the movie. Wife even watched the extras. She commented several times how good it was. A great movie! Granger really captured a "spirit" that can't be explained.
Its the journey not the destination that makes life full of stories. "

                                                                       - Charlie Soell


"Well, I'd like to add my congratulations to a job well done. The story is well conceived, flows nicely and has the elements to keep one tuned in from start to finish. I found myself totally involved with the film."

                                                          - Ken Fissel




"I watched my Deuce Of Spades DVD the first time this morning so I was 2+ hrs late to start my day! Great, great accomplishment. I read the reviews tonight, and the film was rated highest by (drumroll please) teenage males, and women over 35! Faith Granger makes a car-guy's movie and it turns out to be a chick flick too! Fearless!!!  "

                                                                       - Tom Foster


"I have just finished watching the film, and I must say it is an outstanding movie! I just love it!!! I take my hat off to Faith and team for making this film. It has a neat story and I can't wait to show it to my hotrod mates. "

                                                          - Ken Fissel, NEW ZEALAND.




"Great job! I really enjoyed this film, and it was nice seeing all the period details. (...) Great performances. It may not have had a big Hollywood budget, but the production values were great! "

                                                                       - Richard Daugird


"The photography is great, so is the soundtrack, the cars, the girls... well everything."

                                                          - Rodolphe Larrieu.




"Absolutely amazing cinematography! Loved it!!!!"

                                                                       - Dale Clothier, NEW ZEALAND


"Absolutely fantastic effort. Loved every minute of it and left wanting more!"

                                                          - Wade Nisbet.




"WHAT A GREAT MOVIE! A stellar accomplishment!"

                                                                       - Gary Fravel


"I was totally blown away by the entire movie; the absolute best in the genre and just beautiful photography!!"

                                                          - Mark Mazur




"What a wonderful film! I am so impressed! My wife was actually in tears in places. But my brother-in-law and I were especially impressed with the authenticity of the details. For example, when the girl is doing a brake job, she actually had brake tools! You can tell this film was made by a real hotrodder."

                                                                       - Mike Flanders


"J'ai regardé le film plusieurs fois, belles voitures, belles filles  belle histoire !!! J'ai été réellement ému .... BRAVO BRAVO !!"

" I watched the movie several times. Beautiful cars, beautiful girls, beautiful story! I was really moved. Bravo! Bravo!!"

                                                          - Pascal Ménager - FRANCE




"Wow,,,,,,,,,deuce of spades,,,,,,,,,what can I say that hasn't already been said over and over,, it was everything they promised, and then some, its gonna be a classic, a cult movie for all time"

                                                                       - Karen Wetheral


"Brilliant filming, amazing photography, acting is first class and the story of the 'deuce' and Johnny riveting! This film will indeed become a cult classic!"

                                                          - Craig 'Style, Photo Journalist.



"The whole film was just fantastic. A memorie for life! Faith Granger has really done a great job on every level of the film. Top-Top-Top."

                                                                       - Svein Sagebakken - NORWAY  


"A magnificent film! Only a woman could pour so much passion into a movie!"

                                                          - Sylvain Huet - FRANCE



"Vraiment un super film, des hot rods, de la musique, des décors, etc... et l'histoire vraiment super.
Ma copine et moi on s'est R-É-G-A-L-É !!!"

"Truly an amazing film! The hot rods, the music, the locations, etc... And an amazing story as well. My girlfriend and I were DE-LIGH-TED!!!"

                                                                       - Jeremy Banyuls - FRANCE  


"Sensational film!! I was so impressed with this movie, I have watched it three times and also the extras as well, DOS is the most fantastic movie I have ever seen!!!!!! Although not old enough to have lived the fifties, the movie made me feel like I was back there in the fifties enjoying an era that is so special to me. My 5 year old son has also watched the movie several times and on occasion without me, he loves seeing all those awesome Hot Rods cruising around and always talks about Johnny!! "

                                                          - Ashley Foster - AUSTRALIA



"Belle histoire, belle love story, les comédiens vraiment bien, bel esprit 50's et les voitures, toutes trop belles, belle photographie, beau cadrage. Vraiment une belle réussite. J'ai pas de mot. Moi qui aime les histoires, j'ai été servi."

"Beautiful love story, great acting, gorgeous cars, gorgeous cinematography and composition... Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this film. I love powerful stories and the film delivered!"

                                                                       - Willy Granger - FRANCE  


"Vraiment excellent, une tres belle aventure.!! "

"Truly excellent! An amazing adventure!"

                                                          - Alain Oeschger - FRANCE



"I am in love .......... What a beautiful story and great movie I love it ..."

                                                                       - Joanne Letizia - AUSTRALIA  


"Fantastic movie. It had everything, a good plot, mystery, drama, excitement, grief, beautiful women and of course the awesome array of hotrods and classic cars."

                                                          - Craig Pitts - USA



"In one word.......WOW, we enjoyed it very very much. My wife loved the story and I loved the cars (all of them). Congratulations with the perfect results and I hope it will be a big hit!!!!"

                                                                       - Rene Caro - NETHERLANDS


"WOW!  Got my DVD yesterday and got right into watching it last night! Absolutely LOVED it................and told all the boys about it at morning coffee this AM! Great story!!!"

                                                          - Larry Zilinsky - CANADA



"Dam good!!!! When is the next one coming? I want one and the next one and the next ... "

                                                                       - Ray Parson - USA


"LOVE the film. As  Brother's in the Iron, it speaks to us. The shot of the Deuce under the cover grabbed my heart n soul and never let go!!!"

                                                          - Mike Marshall - USA



"I have watched the film twice.  I am also driving my red roadster everyday now because of the movie's inspiration.  (...) DEUCE OF SPADES is badass "

                                                                       - Gary Addcox - USA



En tout objectivité, les images sont magnifiques, très bien cadrées avec une très bonne mises en scène. Derrière les images j’ai senti tout le travail passé à trouver le bon plan avec un souci de perfectionnisme sur l’esthétique. L’histoire également est très prenante et même si on est pas passionné de ces vieilles voiture le film nous communique un ressenti qui fait qu’on comprend cette passion. J’ai trouvé le bruit de ces voitures magnifiques. Les acteurs également sont très bons et j’ai pleuré à la fin du film, on se dit que le destin de chacun peut basculer sur un malentendu ou un non dit.

En tout cas bien des professionnels n’arrivent pas à la cheville de Faith Granger!"


I must honestly say that the cinematography is magnificent, the framing and composition, is very good. Behind each shot I could feel the work of a perfectionist who is not afraid to work hard to make each shot esthetically perfect. The story is very compelling and even if one is not a car person, one can feel, and understand, while watching the film, such passion. I thought the sound of the hot rod engines was beautiful. Acting was very good and I cried at the end of the film. It made me realize that destiny can derail at any time over a misunderstanding or silence.

One thing is for sure: Many Hollywood pros cannot hold the candle to Faith Granger."

                                                          - Marie-Laure Hochard - FRANCE



"The film is great, especially the photography, music and the cars,  and what a great story!
Faith Granger has hit a Home Run with this film"

                                                                       - Gary Addcox - USA



"Loved every minute of it!! It's not only a good story about the love between two persons but also a great document about the period when the Hotrod culture was alive and kicking."

                                                                      - Rob de la Roy - NETHERLAND



".Je viens de voir le film et il entre directement au panthéon de mes films sacrés. De part la démarche qui l'a accompagné, par le boulot qu'il y a eu dessus, par ce qu'il est : fantastique, grandiose, magnifique !! Bravo pour ce film, il est absolument génial, j'ai réellement adoré."

"I just saw the film and it has now become one of my most sacred, favorite films of all time. Not just because of the story of how it was made but also because of what it is: Fantastic, majestic, magnificent!! Bravo for this film, it is positively wonderful and I truly adored it."

                                                                       - J.Chabert - FRANCE


"It was great. I loved the story, shed a tear or two at the end."

                                                                      - Michell & Shane Jetson - AUSTRALIA



" The artistry of this film will be appreciated for decades to come."

                                                                       - Chuck Vranas


"I'm still in awe over the movie, the plot, spcl. effects, acting and much more. This is the best hot rod movie ever produced."

                                                                      - Jim Gustin / Dominators Hot Rod Club



A fantastic movie! It is brilliant and such a terrific story and great shots. It portrays the glory days of hot rodding and the 40's and 50's. A time which I think we all wish we could go back and visit. A simpler time when life was easier and things seemed more real. he film brought that all to life and I had a tear in my eye. A wonderful movie for lots of reasons, especially for paying homage to early hot rodding and the beloved legendary '32 Ford. It will become an icon for hot rodders and '32 fans alike.
The Deuce story has been told and beautifully. And it captures the magic of a love affair through time based around a magical car !

                                                                       - Christopher Leskie - AUSTRALIA


"All I can say is ... Faith Granger has created a timeless masterpiece.
The hot rod culture, the meticulous attention to period detail, the characters, the story, the beautiful cinematography, the music, the whole package: I don’t think I’m going over the edge when I say I had flashes of Bergman and Wells watching Deuce of Spades. DEUCE OF SPADES gets even better with each viewing and it's artistry is a pleasure to experience!
Granger put studio Hollywood to shame. If there is any justice, she will have a great future in film."

                                                                      - Kevin  Bishop - CANADA




"I am IMPRESSED!! Really good film, great footage , cool cars, hot chicks"


                                                                       - Johan Wesslén - SWEDEN


"What a nice film, the photography was astounding."

                                                                      - Alan Fogliadini




"It was a joy to watch DEUCE OF SPADES. It is such an exiting and beatifull film..."


                                                                       - Jasper Langedijk - NETHERLANDS


"Film splendide, histoire d'amour et de mécanique imaginée et filmée avec une grande sensibilité. Ce film a tout pour plaire.... Les émotions, les hots rods et kustoms, les acteurs très bons, l'alternance entre présent et passé, l'amitié, bref... Un condensé de tout ce qui nous passionne !!!

Il a de quoi contenter les authentiques précurseurs du hot rodding aussi bien que les petits jeunes d'aujourd'hui (...)

L'attente entre le moment de la précommande du DVD et le moment où nous avons pu le voir nous a permis de souhaiter un bon résultat, mais je dois avouer que le film dépasse de loin tout ce que l'on pouvait espérer !!"


"Splendid film, beautiful love story, hot rod story, filmed with great imagination and artistic flair. This film has it all: Emotion, hot rods and kustoms, great acting, great pace between present day and flashbacks, friendship, in short: Everything we are passionate about!!!

There is enough there to satisfy both old timers who lived the era and the younger generations. (...)

We waited for the film to be completed after  we pre ordered it and with the wait came great anticipation and raised expectations: We were hoping for a good film but the film we received by far exceeded all our expectations!!"

                                                                      - Vincent Maire



"An amazing film! Deuce of spades is my new favorite film. I loved it from the beginning to the end."

                                                                         - Eric Young



"From the bottom of my heart i thank the filmmaker for creating this movie.  I too am an avid car enthusiast.  My car is my first love, and will remain to be so.  This movie touches the very soul of what it all means.  Yes, i cried, twice even.  I adore this movie, and it now will be watched over and over and over with deep admiration.


"A wonderful film, wonderful story, very well made. "

                                                                   - Robert Rider Sr


"An epic masterpiece! It was incredible! I will for sure tell all of my friends about it."

                                                                    - Johnny Ernflykt- SWEDEN


"I'm a man , but I've never been ashamed to show my feelings. DEUCE OF SPADES was absolutely great!! I dried tears through out the story. I've always been for the guy to get the girl and happy endings."

                                                                   - Tom Pomeroy


"Deux heures de plaisir !! A la fin du film nous n'avions qu'un mot : SUPERBE (et la larme à l'œil). Dès le début, le film as scucité notre curiosité et tenue en haleine tout au long du film en utilisant les péripéties de Johnny autour de la "deuce".

"Two hours of pure joy! At the end we only had one word to describe it: SUPERB! We had tears in our eyes. From the start, the film kept us captivated with its plot twists and turns surrounding Johnny and his Deuce."

                                                                    - Gabriel & Lætitia LACOMBE


"Quel beau film, nous replongeant dans l'ambiance des 50's mélant à la fois action , romance dans des décors avec des rods fantastiques et un 'happy ending' émouvant."

"What a beautiful film, it plunges us back into the fifties era and offers action, romance, beautiful settings, beautiful hotrods and a beautiful, touching ending"

                                                                   - Marco Tassan


"Wow, we watched the film for the first time last night, and I was blown away. So was my wife, my 17 year old son and my 10 year old son! In fact, as I am writing this, we are watching it again. Sounds like the prison scene. Man, that was intense."
                                                                    - Ron Springer


"The movie is a classic!"

                                                                   - Don Mallinson


"The best movie I've seen since American Grafitti! I am amazed at the quality of the content and production detail, it is dead on!"
                                                                    - Dave Darfus


"I have only one thing to say about it...OUTSTANDING...I could watch it over and over and not get tired of it"

                                                                   - Glenn Wendt


"I watched my autographed copy yesterday and I had high hopes about it but …damn! It was way better than I could have ever hoped for! That is one fine film. The plot, editing, music, cars, actors, the attention to detail in the 50´s scenes….WOW! My girlfriend cried for like 10 times during the film. It truly was an amazing movie experience."
                                                                    - Jukka Hildén - FINLAND


"Loved the movie, very impressed. I think it is a cult classic."  

                                                                   - Fred Poth


"A great movie! A tremendous effort. Great story (period correct) with all the ingredients to move anyone. It is hard for Hollywood to do anything original these days and they can't seem to combine car culture, nostalgia , and a great love story together. But Faith Granger did."
                                                                    - Billy Glovier


"A fantastic and wonderful movie that brought tears to an old Rock´n´Roller.....
I have waited over 30 years for a movie like this. Thirty years ago I saw the movie
"California Kid" for the first time and since this day it was my favorite Hot Rod movie.
But now... Deuce of Spades is 100 times better !"

                                                                   - Chris Spam - GERMANY


"Great film, amazing cars and real good shots!!! …and a super story!!!!!"

                                                                    - Andrea Jensen




To be honest, I had expected a film that would appeal to gearheads only, but Granger delivered a world-class package. Nice story, very well shot.!"

                                                                    - Robert Heynert - NETHERLANDS


"I'm almost 69, and I had tears running down my cheeks. I don't know if its the fact that I recently went to my 50th reunion, and can relate to past loves, or the great story the film told, but it was wonderful! A great film!"

                                                                  - Michael Greene




"Fantastic movie! It has touched our hearts in so many ways, we laughed and cried and identified. DEUCE OF SPADES truly goes above and beyond all the other car, hotrod, 50's 60's movies ever!!!!!
I rarely watch anything twice, but i can truly watch this over and over, This is a film with a vision, it engulfs everything hot rod we have within us all "

                                                                   - Brad Westergard


"All I can say is WOW!!!! What a fantastic effort in re-creating the 50’s lifestyle."

                                                                  - Jason Turner - AUSTRALIA



"LOVED IT! We were so intrigued throughout the entire film! The attention to detail throughout the entire film is truly amazing. It felt like we were there in the 1950’s with this film the entire time. All of the actors of this film did a tremendous job capturing the essence of the 50’s and the hot rod lifestyle of the era. The film is pure art and the photography is second to none. It truly captured the true beauty of this era and the vintage classics that made it legendary. This is such an amazing film. It boggles my mind that Faith Granger never attended film school and it’s even more mind-boggling that this is her very first film. We are big fans of the film American Graffiti and we were expecting a film the closely resembled Graffiti. We very happily discovered that Deuce of Spades is far from resembling American Graffiti and is in a class of its own! We will now cherish Deuce of Spades for years to come. This type of film, its story and photography, are what make a timeless classic. "

                                                                        - Caylei Arnold


"I have been following Faith Granger's journey for over a year and I am blown away by the DOS movie.  She did a fantastic job on it.  It ranks right up there with American Graffiti with me.  In fact I think it is even better!  It is an outstanding film, a classic."

                                                                  - Jerry Johnson



"I have watched it three times, and each time I had a lump in my throat at the end. Very powerful, excellent movie."

                                                                        - Anonymous forum feedback


"Freaking awesome, I really enjoyed it. looking forward to more of Granger's movies"

                                                                  - Anonymous forum feedback




"Deuce of Spades is the best car movie I've ever seen, I absolutely LOVE the film and watched it 3 times so far!!!!! "

                                                                                    - Pike and Susie Purser


"WOW" ! I totally enjoyed watching the film this afternoon with my wife. I got lost in the story and this greasy gearhead shed a tear or three. {Okay,more than three} Especially when "Betty" is handed the letter and ring in the book store. More so when Johnny "stole" the DOS and split to find her again. My wife enjoyed it very much also. To quote: "Wow, a chick flick with hotrods! I liked it." I hope the rumors of a sequel are true!"


                                                                  - Dave



"My Dad and Mom (Steve and Carol Rutherford) just showed me DEUCE OF SPADES, and I really enjoyed it. the director a fine job of putting all that together with so little… You can really feel her love and dedication to both the story and the cars! They attended the premiere in California, and have talked about it so much, I’m glad I finally got to watch the movie. A great story, very believable, I needed my Kleenex a few times for sure!"

                                                                                    - Adria Laycraft




"This movie is a Film that is going to make history, No doubt!"

                                                                  - Amanda Nyström, SWEDEN



                                       "This film has it ALL"

                                                               - Victor Van Tress




                   "A great movie that I believe will be an icon!"

                                                                  - Judy Hendricks



"Those emotions the film has in it, the passion ...... I AM SO AMAZED, TOUCHED and MOVED ... Wonderful!!!!!!"

                                                               - Eli Bari - CZECH REPUBLIC





"Deuce of Spades was the best movie I have watched in years, original, great photography, special effects and fantastic story line.  Faith Granger did an incredible job, much better that those other plain ole Hollywood flicks.  How she pulled it all together, besides being in the movie made it very special." 

                                                                 - Jeff Erven



"I saw the movie this evening and loved it. As a hot rod fanatic, I often dream about coming across a stash of cars as depicted early in the movie.  I am sure "Deuce of Spades" will fast become a cult classic."

                                                               - Joe Paplosky


"Deuce of Spades est vraiment prenant (j'ai vidé une boite de mouchoirs), les voitures sont toutes magnifiques, certains décors comme le hangar de Joann Davis, la cuisine ... un vrai régal !"

                                                            - Marie, FRANCE

"Deuce of Spades is so compelling (I went through an entire box of tissue while watching it), the cars are magnificent, the decors (like Joann Davis hangar and Bettie's kitchen) are real eye candy!"



"Just today I watched the movie with more friends in their basement cinema room and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Young and old, male and female all liked the story and the cars. Every aspect of the film: The story, the vision and creativity, the actors, the sound and music, the emotion, the lighting, details and great continuity."

                                                               - Doug Guttridge


"DEUCE OF SPADES is a masterpiece. I usually put on American graffiti to cheer me up on those cold wet days but now I have a choice!" 

                                                                        - Mike Harman, U.K



"Amazing movie, it was love at first sight. The cars, the actors, the atmosphere, the old custom guys ( Bill & Gene ), overall the plot - true art. At in the end of the movie, got tears in my eyes.
This film gave me inspiration."

                                                               - Mikael Forsman - FINLAND


"A barnyard find is our all time dream and we all know that every rod has its own story. The film depicted these things so well. But more than that, there's love, people, I-can-help-you attitude both in the story and in film making itself I guess, that brought me to tears"

                                                                        - Kohjiroh Ishihara




"Il y avait longtemps qu'un film ne m'avait pas autant bouleversée, retournée, etc. Tout est magnifique de A à Z. J'ai passé les 3/4 du temps en apnée ou à pleurer. Enfin nous avons pleuré comme des bébés. C'est extraordinaire ce que Faith Granger as fait et comment elle l'as fait. C'est grandiose et je n'ai pas de mots pour dire à quel point. C'est un cadeau inestimable. Je n'en reviens toujours pas."

                                                               - Mila Milaroma  - FRANCE

"I have not been moved so deeply by a film in a very long time. Everything about it was beautiful, from A to Z. I spent most of the time riveted to the screen, and shed quite a lot of tears. My boyfriend and I both cried. What Faith Granger achieved and how she achieved it is extraordinary. The film is magnificent, words can't even describe just how magnificent it is. What an amazing artistic contribution. I still can't believe it."  


"A great story, production, everything about it. I have watched the film 3 times already and keep seeing and understanding more: Great depth ... This is not your average cookie cutter movie..."

                                                                        - Jim Madigan




"This is a killer film!!! The soundtrack with its music and the deuce's engine sounds is pure joy. This is a film about hot rodding now and back in the days, a real dream - DEUCE OF SPADES literally made me vibrate."

                                                               - Jerome Vancas  - FRANCE


"I just saw the film, all I can say is that my emotions are still deeply steered. The film is simply put: PURE JOY. The cars are gorgeous, the acting excellent, the cinematography superb, I never expected such a deep story and it totally grabbed me by the heart strings. I'll admit it: I cried like a child."

                                                                        - Jerome Walbrecq - FRANCE




"My wife and I sat down on Saturday night and watched the movie for the first time.  WOW!!  I had been anticipating my first viewing, but this is even better than I had hoped for!  The cars, the story, the gut-wrenching emotion – it’s all there.  I hope that the movie receives the accolades that I feel it deserves.  Granger has done a tremendous job!"

                                                               - Keith taylor


"Simply superb! Words cannot describe the drama, emotion and feelings this film evoqued."

                                                                        - Benoit DALLA GASPERINA- FRANCE




"Watched the movie, and that is awesome !!! Great actors, great landscapes, great cars, great music... "

                                                               - Daddy'O, Vitamin Bomb records


"A great movie!! My wife and I saw a lot of ourselves in your movie. I'm 70 and can relate to this film in many ways, especially on trying to pickup my now wife to take her to school. This is a movie I'll never forget."

                                                                        - Hank and June




"A pure delight! I loved everything about DEUCE OF SPADES, everything! the storyline, cinematography, soundtrack, everything!

And to succeed in getting me to shed a tear, I must say BRAVO! I will never tire of watching it again and again. Deuce of Spades will become legendary!"

                                                             - Roland Hermite


"J'ai adoré votre film. Félicitations pour avoir réussi à mener à terme votre projet car il méritait de sortir. Les prises de vues sont magnifiques, l'histoire est belle et les relations Homme/machines y sont traitées avec brio. Nos vieilles autos racontent une histoire et c'est sans aucun doute pour cela que l'on s'y attache tant.
En tout cas j'ai retrouvé dans ce film ce que je vis avec mon combi et ma petite sportive, qui sont certes bien moins vieux que la Deuce mais qui ont aussi un passé et une histoire qui les rend si chers à mes yeux: beaucoup de persones ne comprennent pas cette passion que l'on peut avoir pour de vieilles autos qui sont pour le commun des mortels que de vulgaires tas de ferrailles."

                                                                        - Jean Luc Garcia




"We just watched the awesome film Deuce of Spades a couple of days ago - amazing! An incredible movie, which encompasses so much about hot rodding and life and love in general! Great cinematography, great storyline, great acting, great soundtrack, great everything! Well done! Hope it win some awards, which will be well deserved!"

                                                - Claire and Chris, Nostalgia Drag Racers from England, UK


"La photo, les prises de vues, l’esthétique de chaque plan, c’est du pur bonheur ! Un film culte comme l’est déjà Burt Munro   THE FATEST INDIAN avec  Anthony Hopkins."

                                                                        - Phillipe Vanbuggenhout - BELGIUM




"I saw DEUCE OF SPADES last night and was greatly impacted by the story line. I have survived a  near fatal car wreck when I was 21 and another when I was 25 on a sport bike. My life has been spared on several occasions. I have not yet to this day found what I call true love but felt like I have come close a few times. I was beginning to loose faith in thinking that it might never be possible. Obviously I could relate to certain parts in the movie with my own real life experiences. Thought it was awesome how the film restored my faith in human nature that someone would truly care enough to lend a helping hand to see true love prevail in one's heart. Very few movies make me cry and get choked up, but this one did!"

                                                - Grayden



"Best movie I have seen in years!!"

                                                                        - Kenneth - SWEDEN




"Un régal pour les yeux, et les oreilles! Quel plaisir de voir tant et tant de si belles voitures! Les clichés sont sublimes! ...Le tout sur fond de romantisme... Une magnifique réalisation!"

                                                - Géraldine et Aurélien - FRANCE



"Superb cinematography, compelling story, sheer emotion and gorgeous hotrods!"

                                                                       - Youenn Perrin




"This film is G.R.E.A.T.!!! Faith Granger has got tons of talent inside her soul! I absolutely loved every moment and every scene! The story is so deep and! Marvelous direction, quality acting, the film just transported me into the '50!!! Every single moment sitting in front of the screen, I couldn't believe what I saw, nobody in the world has done what Granger has done and how she did it. This film is bright light in the dark for all the fans of the hot rodding era and the American Muscle cars era like me. Words simply can't describe exactly what I feel after the screening. Such passion!"

                                                - Simone J. Remondini - ITALY



"One of the best movies I have watched in years!! It made you laugh and cry it was awesome !!!" 


                                                                           - Pam Taylor




"What a incredible movie this is. I got the DVD the other day & took the afternoon off of work today to watch it. I loved it. The cars, the people, the story, the whole package was just great. I found a tear in my eye several times. A great movie!!"

                                                - Chris



"It was worth the wait. Granger's passion shows and her skills are inspiring, too. I'm especially impressed with her command of light and shooting angles - this is one of the 'prettiest' films I've seen. Very impressive! "

                                                                           - Scotty Gosson




"A Master Piece! I was completely moved by the story, the cars, the beauty of the images and characters... And I am not only talking about outside beauty, but also INNER beauty, an inner beauty that translated on the screen so well throughout the film. I was unable to stop the tears and have been thinking about it since I saw it yesterday. Love is ever present in this film and I was so moved that I could not see the screen anymore at the end of the film."

                                                - Didier Riols 


"I have spent my Friday night watching  ‘Deuce of Spades’, and I’m melting. The movie, music, images, characters, story, all of it is great, really great! I’m very impressed about the film, and the story behind the film"

                                                                           - Ingemar Svensson




"One of the most enjoyable films I have seen in years!"

                                                         - Patrick Griffin


" The film was awesome. It made for a lovely temporary escape.  The story line was lovely and we all liked the way that the film changed from color to black and white to sepia and back again.  The suspense at the end had me going too.  Was Faith going to find Johnny? Were the long lost loves ever going to be reunited?  Brilliant.  

I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but I also liked the fact that Faith’s character was called Faith.  Her letter to Johnny, signed ‘your friend, Faith’ was rather poignant I think. Johnny doesn’t meet Faith but believing and having Faith reunited him with Betty – I thought that was really nice. 

It’s a fabulous film that we’ll definitely watch over and over and over again, and we’ll definitely recommend it to our friends and family.  It’s a story that, I’m sure, would appeal to anyone not just those who live in the world of Rock n Roll. "

                                                                           _ Tammy, UK




"I really love the film. It's the best hot rod movie that I can remember seeing."

                                                         - Tom VanNortwick


"One of the best movies I have watched in years!! It made you laugh and cry it was awesome !!!" 


                                                                           - Pam Taylor




"A magnificent film. I absolutely loved it."

                                                         - Laurent Meurice


"A master piece! I thought the film was wonderful. The love story is very touching  and I had tears in my eyes more than once while watching the film. All those hot rods are absolutely gorgeous. The engine sounds gave me shivers... Bravo!"


                                                                             - Mel Coxinelle



"I just watched DEUCE OF SPADES and I am very impressed! Honestly!

I was expecting more than just a film car and the film not only met my expectations, it exceeded them! On top of beautiful cinematography depicting the life of the fifties hotrodders, Granger was able to provide a beautiful love story that survives the test of time and I loved the ending. Personally I love how the present days and flashbacks alternated. And the soundtrack, may it be the 50's music or scoring, was top shelf. This film kept my attention throughout and I am looking forward to seeing it again with my friends. What impressed me most though was knowing the filmmaker worked on a zero budget!" ... Amazing!!"

                                                         - Robin Boes


"One of our top rated films!!"

                                      - Jill Furnish



"Outstanding film! Granger should get many awards for this. The last part of the movie was the most moving scene ever!!!"

                                                         - Jetta Johnson


"Was every thing I had envisioned it to be... The best love story I've ever seen. It made me laugh, get mad , and cry. But mostly it made me hang on all the way, kept me intrigued and I luved all the cars in the film !!"


                                                                             - Shane Te Rito



"Really loved the movie. Granger captured the spirit of the Hot Rod in this movie.
I wish I could go back in time and live then."

                                                         - Ronald van der Meijs


"Best movie since the Count of Monte Cristo !!"


                                                          - Maxwell Njuguna



"I'm not a fan of old cars (or new) and neither of classics.... But after watching DEUCE OF SPADES... I am speechless. In short, the best movie I have seen in years. ITS JUST AWESOME."


                                                         - Raman Preet


                                         "Extraordinary film!"


                                                          - Loulou Manitas



"FANTASTIC...the color and cinematography stunning, story, music everything was other worldly...timeless... this film will grow such wings and become "The" cult film of our time like rocky horror, or eraser head or stop making sense, or American graffiti, or etc etc... "


                                                         - Douglas Branson


"faith Granger has managed to do in her first major film “Deuce of Spades” what many in the film industry have failed to do even after 20 years. That is to produce a movie that captures the audience not only mentally but visually as well.

Most movie producers/directors that use modified/custom/classic vehicles in their car based movies seem to forget that the vehicle is as much a part of the movie as the lead actor and thus do not devote enough time in showing the audience why people treat their vehicles like members of their family. Cars and bikes are a individual item unique to their owners.
You have managed to do this in your film. Your camera angles, depth of field and attention to detail just blew me away. You made the 32 Roadster an equal star with Johnny.
The music and acting was great, as was the choice of actors…"

                                                          - Mark Shephard



"Very touching and awesome movie. Very sad and beautiful story... I´m speechless."


                                                         - Katja Kemo


"A really, really good movie.. From all angles, the script, the production, all the camera work! AWESOME... "

                                                          - Mark Hayes



"OMG.......DEUCE OF SPADES was GREAT ! ! ! ! ! !  We all loved it.  Great story, and of course the cars.  We were all (and me in particular) were in awe... I've now found my new favorite movie."

                                                                              - Skip Bradley


"BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!  I love this movie! "

                                                          - Julio Gonzales



"The attention to detail in making this film so period perfect is incredible! I have seen just about every movie of this type that has ever been made and this one is by far the best!"

                                                                              - Jean and Steve Miller


"Brilliant Film"

                                                          - Brian Winchester



"Just watched Deuce of Spades and cant wait to see more. 10 out of 10. Granger can really tell the story. Cant wait to watch it again!"

                                                                              - Mark Hathaway


"Deuce of Spades is a story about life, its ups and downs. HotRods are the vehicles, carrying peoples hope, desperation, power and love on the roller-coaster of life.

The movie is driven by emotion and passion, very detailed, perfect picture and amazing sound. The story is profound and some scenes heartbreaking. Of cause it's about love, but also about friendship, competition, responsibility, conscience and ... cars.

This movie is a fantastic ride in the "rollercoaster of life" with fantastic actors and great locations.

A "must see" for me !!!"

                                                          - Mike Munich, Germany



J'ai appris il y a un petit moment de cela l’existence de votre film grâce a l'émission Turbo sur M6 en France, je n'ai pu le voir qu'hier : WHOA le film est magnifique !! La façon de filmer, l'histoire, les décors... On en prends plein les yeux !! Bravo !!"

                                                                              - Vivien Massin


"The movie plays before my time (i'm only 35), but the way that Granger pictures my dreams is awesome! Watched it four times already, and I'm not tired ;)

I hope Granger will continue making movies like this, everyone i show this movie to loves it (and here in the netherlands we don't have a real hot rod culture)"


                                                          - Danny Evertzen, Netherland



"Just finished watching DEUCE OF SPADES for the second time.  Needless to say, it will not be the last time I will watch it. A GREAT FILM, a fabulous movie,  brought back many memories."

                                                                              - Alex Garcia


"When I saw the film I was "attacked" with feelings I haven't had in a loooong time!
And the way Faith Granger made the film is absolutely fantastic! I felt like I belonged and I got a lot of confirmation of myself. It's a bit hard to explain but I just felt like it could have been me in the film. My husband and I really liked the film and we talk about it all the time!"

                                                          - Elisabeth Torninger, Sweden



"I collect all of the old hot rod movie's. I have over 300 of them and I think Deuce of Spades is the best that I have ever seen!"

                                                                              - Cecil Musick


"A very unprecedented movie with so much heart in it - I could feel it in every second! Nice cars, bloody good music and a lot of feelings, that's what life's all about..."


                                                          - Matthias Stettler, Switzerland



"One of the best films I have seen in years!"

                                                                              - Jerry Kane


"A Heck of a job! Four of us old hotrodders watched Deuce of Spades yesterday. Cheers and a tear or two.

Faith Granger is a force. If she does something else we will line up to see it."


                                                          - Bill Pierce, U.S.A



"Excellent, excellent, movie!! Granger put onto film what Henry Gregor Felsen put into words in the early '60s! Believe me, it was watched more than twice!!"

                                                                              - Ron Updike


"DEUCE OF SPADES is really terrific ! Fantastic job!!"

                                                          - Stany Meurer, FRANCE



"I just got done watching the movie, and let me just say...that movie ROCKED!  My dad picked up the movie in Las Vegas at the show in April and I borrowed it.  It is UNBELIEVABLE!"  

                                                                              - Jeff Gerdom



"Wonderful film. Very good story. Very well filmed. It's one of my favorite movies now. I shed many tears. Respect to the filmmaker for this good movie!"

                                                          - Ralf, GERMANY



"A complete mix of love and cars… never seen before…. I am shocked to see how well it is connected between emotions, friendship, relations and passion…

I am stunned ……… Hatssss off….

Everybody wish for a love or passion to last forever but the way it is visualized and told here…… is truly MAGIC…..Don’t have any other words apart from appreciation…….

Great JOB, Most Beautifully thought out and Fabulous Actors….(it wouldn’t have been the way it is now without JOHNNY CALLAWAY (Timothy Luke)

Faith Granger just created a masterpiece and hope to see some more…"

                                                                              - Varun J



"This flick is out of sight. Reminds me of growing up in those days.  My parents were hot rod rocknrollers.  Hope to see more flicks like this"

                                                          - Billy, USA



"What can I say?........Except totally awesome film!!!!!Faith Granger rocks! Can't wait to see more of her work."

                                                                              - Tim Autry



"I am amazed at what Granger has been able to accomplish.  I really enjoyed Deuce of Spades and I was blown away by the cinematography, the music, the locations, the casting, and the incredible authenticity of the art direction. I could tell that this film was made by a true hot rodder."

                                                          - Frank Smathers, USA




"Deuce Of Spades gave me shivers when I watched it!! A dream for every man liking cars and for every woman liking love stories..."

                                                                              - Joel " JoeBar " - Luxembourg



"Faith Granger is an amazing person. Multi-talented just doesn't cover it. My wife believes  Deuce Of Spades was the greatest love story she's ever seen. Great entertainment."

                                                          - Michael, USA




"We loved the film from beginning to end. It has everything to appeal to both men and women. It will be loved for many years to come by all."

                                                                              - Susan and Lance


"I have seen the movie more than five times during one week and I'm deeply impressed - fantastic! Cinematography, acting and soundtrack were a perfect match!"

                                                          - Maren & Lars Müller, GERMANY




"Love this movie! Great job. You know it's a good movie when it grabs you from the beginning and you actually care about what happens to the characters.."

                                                                              - Patty Avery


 "J'ai A-do-ré !!! Si si vraiment !!! Je l'ai même visionné une seconde fois jeudi soir et le constat reste le même. J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance de ce film, l'histoire est poignante, tout à fait crédible et à la limite je dirais presque qu'on aimerait avoir vécu la même chôse tellement que l'histoire est belle et intense... Le soucis des détails dans la reconstitution des décors et des costumes sont vraiment bien... un gros travail derrière je suppose."

                                                          - Herve, FRANCE




"I viewed DEUCE OF SPADES last night. Loved it!!! Ms Granger is a woman of many talents. I hope to see more of her work in the future!"

                                                                              - Susan Wright


 " This film is absolutely brilliant - I can't tell you how many times I cried watching it, and that doesn't often happen to me.."

                                                          - Casey, USA




"I was absolutely blown away by this film... I can tell it's been a labor of love! it's definitely been worth the wait! And even though I'm a man I'm not ashamed to say I was moved by the story, and I had tears in my eyes in the final shots... it does get to you! Very, very good! I adore Deuce OF Spades, I've seen it over and over again. "

                                                                              - Eduardo "Eddie" Relvas, PORTUGAL


 " J'ai vu Deuce of Spades et j'ai adoré ! très bon film. Ma conjointe a même pleuré et faut dire que moi aussi d'ailleurs. Encore bravo."

                                                          - Stéphane Levesque, FRANCE




"DEUCE OF SPADES is The Movie I will recommend to see everyone. The film took my heart by storm and made it beat faster. I'm a motorcyclist, and speed means life for me. But in July 2010 I broke my neck, so I think I can relate to Johnny. When doctors told me that I should never ride bikes anymore - it was one of the most tragic things I heard.

This movie is about dreams, about love. It's a story about a forgotten racer, but it is also a story about love for eternity. About kindness and about human's feelings. It is really one of the best movies I have ever seen.

And... I do believe in second chances."

                                                                              - Anonymous, RUSSIA


 " J'ai vu Deuce of Spades et j'ai adoré ! très bon film. Ma conjointe a même pleuré et faut dire que moi aussi d'ailleurs. Encore bravo."

                                                          - Stéphane Levesque, FRANCE




"2h08mn de bonheur que l'on a envie de partager. Le scénario est plus travaillé que la plupart des blockbusters qui font des millions de recettes et les acteurs (rices) sont parfait(e)s dans leurs rôles, sans parler des autos."

                                                                              - Auguste, FRANCE


 "WOW Deuce Of Spades is fantastic. I can say it's one of the few movies that kept my wife and I from talking to each other during the film. Granger really nailed it from the cars to the clothes, and even my wife who likes cars but really isn't a car gal really liked it. And the music was fantastic.

It is really impressive to realize how much Granger did herrself as proven by the credits. Yes, we even watched the credits too! We started to watch the narrated part as well, but we did have to go to bed at some point! Granger deserves all the credit she gets, and I can only hope there is another film in her future. She had a great vision and stuck with it without selling out to cut costs."

                                                          - Terry & Anna McGavern, USA




"j'aurais jamais pensé que quelqun puisse faire un film aussi...vrai... Tout y est, emotions, sensations, vibrations... Ce film est parfait!"

                                                                              - Adrian, FRANCE


 "Really enjoyed it. Best Hot Rod movie ever"

                                                          - Dan and Ann Sherk, CANADA




"After watching Deuce of Spades twice now, I have to say it is an extremely well made movie!  To me, this is the best car movie to be made since American Graffitti! Granger really nailed it in the movie! I absolutely love everything about this movie!" 

                                                                              - Kirby Hughes, USA


 "What wonderful photography! Very interesting angles or view points. The sunsets and lighting were amazing! Very well written story... I guess I should just say I loved
everything about this film! GREAT JOB!"

                                                          - Darrell Larson, CANADA




"I was expecting a film with a lot of special effect and was very pleasantly surprised to see DEUCE OF SPADES was real, real to the car, to the steel, to the era. Organic and true to life! A sincere film that portrays love with great elegance Great attention to details give this film a "true to life" feel!" 

                                                                              - Shadow, RUSSIA


 "I was blown away at how good Deuce Of Spades is. Both movie and the actors were amazing!"

                                                          - Bobby Brewer, USA




"We watched Deuce Of Spades on Saturday and was very impressed with it.  Hard to believe this was Faith Granger's first movie, it was so well done. Car friends of ours bought the movie and insisted that we see the movie.  Well worth our time. This is such a high caliber movie.  The filmmaker deserves to win awards with this film!"

                                                                              - Mary Walker, USA


"I must say, this must be the best movie we saw in the past years, maybe the best ever.
The way it captured emotions is really great."


                                                          - Willem vd Velde, NETHERLAND




"Deuce of Spades is the best movie I've ever seen in my entire life!"

                                                                              - Jimmy Linnér, SWEDEN


"It was wonderful to see such a moving love story/life story/self reflection story woven around car culture. Very moving story and wonderfully executed..."

                                                          - Steve Childs, USA



"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed DOS, tremendous job by all."

                                                                              - Dick Knorr, CANADA


"What an amazing film! Deuce of Spades is one of the all time best movies I have ever watched."

                                                          - Amanda Willis, USA



"Granger did such a great job on writing the script casting the movie, directing it, shooting it and starring in it. My hats off to her. It shows what a great opportunity we all have in this country, with a Dream, a lot of imagination a lot of hard work and a lot of volunteers! I ordered the Deuce of Spades and watched it many times over."

                                                                              - Roy Douglas, WI



"We were moved by it. DEUCE OF SPADES is a true beautiful gem, with passion and great sense of detail. Everything comes together and fits perfect. The story with love and drama, the cinematography, the music and the connections between the people, the fifties and today. What an amazing film! Deuce of Spades is one of the all time best movies I have ever watched."

                                                          - Wim Munsterhuis, Holland



"The movie was amazing. It was a very compelling love story that even a guy can enjoy and not be afraid to admit it. I loved everything about it. Faith Granger is an amazing filmmaker. I was in anticipation all the way to the end, the ending is so beyond words."

                                                                              - Brent Waeckerle


"A fabulous movie I have seen it six times already. The movie has a very cool story to it... Watch it! So far everyone I have shown the movie to loves it!"

                                                          - Daisie Fairlane



"Je viens enfin de voir le film, j'ai pris une grande claque, des années que je n'avais pas vu un chefs d’œuvre de se genre, j'en ai pleuré tellement la fin m'a pris au ventre"

                                                                              -  Julien Ganthier


" I would definitely recommend this movie to friends & family. My husband & I just got through watching Deuce of Spades & it was inspirational, great storyline! Very touching when lil Johnny's in the garage & hands his father the wrench & his dad tells him the "Deuce" will be yours one day son, that was a tear jerker. "

                                                          - Ivy Torres



" Amazing movie... I have no words. It's fantastic, I'm so impressed... Thank you so much Faith for this movie! And of course thanks to your team.
Greetings from Russia."

                                                              - Dasha Rodionova,RUSSIA


" Hello to all,

Après avoir visionné le film j'ai été agréablement surpris, c'est un film réalisé avec passion. Vous pouvez le regarder avec votre tendre moitié car la trame de fond c'est une histoire d'amour impossible... Pour les aficionados de hot-rods, sachez qu'il y a aussi deux guess stars, des incontournables du custom américain : Gene Winfield et Bill Hines qui font une apparition. C'est un film culte en devenir à coup sûr."


                                                          - Denis Eveillard



" Tout simplement un super film !

                                                                              - Cédric Jonette


" Saw the movie for the 3rd time. What a great movie. The movie was so realistic, just the way it was in the 50's...

Brought back all the memories.

I would like to rate this movie 5++++++ stars. "


                                                          - Caroline Buckley



"An awesome movie. I have watched it about 7 times now!!!"

                                                                              - Jack Ellenwood


"Excellent film, j'avais peur des clichés sur une histoire d'amour sur fond de courses de voitures... Mais non, belle histoire, beau film, une belle combinaison entre l'histoire des Hot Rod et celle des acteurs. Un grand MERCI pour ce beau moment que j'ai passé à regarder ce film."

                                                          - Richard Puaux



" An instant hit movie that will go down in Hot Rod History as one of the all time greatest!! Time to be nominated for the independent film awards!! "

                                                                              - Todd Spreck


" This movie is one of the best hot rod flicks I've seen yet!"

                                                         - Jorge Sanz


" DEUCE OF SPADES is one of the best films I've seen. It is how it should be. A perfect love story, to the very end. I lived and was moved through that movie. It made me cry. I saw myself in it."

                                                                              - Kate


" I enjoyed the Deuce of Spades very much. One of the best hot rod movies I've seen! The story kept me interested through out. This film is big screen worthy!"

                                                         - Joe Buckles



"We watched the movie with some friends the other night and it was great. It brought back many memories. The story was very good as were the cars, clothing, props etc. I will definitely watch it again."

                                                                              - Chuck


"  Lots of heavy emotions! POWERFUL!!!!!!  I couldn't sleep after seeing the film and had to work in the garage until 3 am before I could go to sleep."

                                                  -  John Burnett



"It’s hard to believe that Faith Granger accomplished making this master piece  primarily by herself. She is a great talent. All the actors played their parts superbly and are to be commended also. It was as if they each were born to act out their particular parts in this movie. All the songs were appropriate for the era and the music was powerful. I’ve watched the movie 5 times so far and each time your emotions run from one extreme to the other."

                                                                       - Dave H.


Great Cars.
Stunning images.
Wonderful love story.
Sensitivity and true feelings.
Great actors.
An intense moment.
Tears on my face.
Joy and emotions.
DEUCE OF SPADES brings a lot to the viewer!


                                                  - Patrick Affolter


Deuce of Spades" is an "ace" film!, 29 February 2012

Author: Rick H from United States

Have you known love? Have you known love-lost? *Do You Believe In Second Chances?*

While watching "Deuce of Spades," I experienced something I have experienced very few times during my life: an artistic creation by a first-time filmmaker that has the quality I would expect only from a much more seasoned professional. Filmmaker Faith Granger, along with her terrific cast and crew, have created what I feel is a truly unique and remarkable period film, a film which transports the viewer backwards in time to the post-WWII world of the hot rodders.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Granger when she visited my town. She is a person of obvious intelligence who seemed to have a very good understanding of, and relationship with, life itself. Her personal experience with, and her love for, the world of hot-rodders makes her ideally suited to bring to the big screen this engaging story of hot rods and romance. Her skills as cinematographer, music composer and arranger, editor, promoter...and, of course, actor...enabled her to accomplish a herculean task that I find to be nothing less than mind-boggling.

Regarding the performances by the various cast members, I enjoyed them all. There were a couple particularly uplifting scenes, performed by the more seasoned actors, that actually brought tears to my eyes...but, the entire cast performed wonderfully and I give them all a full-hearted "bravo, well done!"

I give this film an enthusiastic thumbs-up and I recommend it to everyone who's heart is still beating...and, of course, especially to all hot rodders everywhere. If you have ever loved, if you have a love for, or interest in, hot rods, then do yourself a favor and give this movie a try. I believe this film is destined to become a future "movie classic."

One final note: if you watch the film on DVD and have an interest in film making, I strongly recommend watching it again with the director's commentary audio track turned on. Ms Granger does an excellent job of walking you through the film, describing the thought processes and feelings she had during the making of the film. (I expect we will be hearing more about this remarkable least, I sincerely hope so.)"

                                                                       - Rick H


All I can say is that was incredible – one of the best stories I have ever watched.

                                                  - Sam Eidy



Great story! John Wayne said: "If you got a good story, you got a good movie". The actors were all very believable and did a great job. The filming was right on the mark. Granger really captured the period and feeling, the way things really were. I have had the movie for two weeks now and have watched it eight times! I'll never get tired of watching it.

                                                                       - Jerry Stockman, VA - USA.


We received the film in the mail today, and our family watched it twice already...What a Super job Faith Granger did with the writing, directing, production and all the casting. Each and every one of the actors did an excellent job. Very professional. And we just can't say that enough ..wonderful job, wonderful story and film. We could not have been more pleased with our purchase of this movie. Much better than many, many of the junk movies showing at the theaters. Timothy Luke could beat out Tom Cruise ANYDAY!!

                                                                                        - Sue Gibson, PA



My wife and I just watched the " Deuce of Spades" movie. I didn't know what to expect so I kept an open mind. Without going into details, we loved the movie. Fast, classic cars for me and a love story for my wife. The story actually brought a tear to my eyes twice. Once watching the deuce wreck, the other at the finale of the movie. Seriously this movie is worth watching. A good plot to the story, good special effects, the young actors in the star role were awesome. It's well done for a low budget film. Two thumbs up!


                                                                       - Dr. Jeffrey Hobbs



                                                                                        - D. Smith



A wonderful movie. It was so fun and exciting to watch and I even cried at the end.
I have seen it over 10 times now, I just cant get enough. The editing, plot, actors/actresses, music etc. all fits perfectly together. This is a masterpiece!!!!!!


                                                                      - Ole Martin Haug


FANTASTIC,,,,,,,,,,WHAT A GREAT STORY LINE,,,,,,,,,,EVERYTHING from beginning to end.  I'm jumping on the fan wagon...Things happen for a reason ,we never know why... but this has touched my life...maybe that's what God had intended it to do...

                                                                                        - Rick Wilson



This movie had me on the edge of my seat I loved the storyline! Two thumbs up, great movie!!!

                                                                                                - Doc Duck


One of the best movies I've seen! The film takes you back in time, shows how it was back in the old days when it all started.

                                                                                        - Eva Arud



The love story makes it a great chic flick and the cars make it a guy movie too. I was in tears through most of it. I have been playing guitar and building cars and bikes since 1963 so I can really identify with the characters.

                                                                                                  - Bill May


I loved this movie. It's like 'The Notebook" for hot rodders! Jim Rockford never drove his Firebird in "The Notebook" though. I wish there were more movies like this, I have a huge collection of car movies and this is one of my favorites now.


                                                                                        - Todd Werth



I am a film student at the film academy in Czech Republic and I wanted to say Faith Granger made an incredibly beautiful film. I love it! I've seen it 100 times and every time it knock me on my knees.

                                                                                                  - Ctirad Blazek


Love this movie! I watch it every week. Love all the cars in the movie... All my friends love the movie, too.

                                                                                        - Ashton Ellison



Both the movie and the soundtrack are of very high quality. Already Deuce of spades has become my all-time favorite car movie!!

                                                                                                  - Martin Moller


Being a car lover and car movie fan, I had to order this movie. It took a while for me to have the time to actually sit down and watch it. When I finally did, I have to say it wasn't exactly what I expected.

It was so much more! I loved it!...

Finally a good car movie with a good plot and good old fashion American hot rods.
And one more thing that was great is my girlfriend actually liked it too! The story hooked her.


                                                                          - Russell W. Adams III, a.k.a. "R3"



Just wanted to express how impressed I was with this movie. I have been a lover of movies from all sorts of eras - from ones made in the last few years, and ones 40 years ago. Absolutely loved this movie! The story was great, the cars were awesome!

DEUCE OF SPADES has fallen into my top 5!

                                                                                     - Krishahn G. Singh


"As an aspiring independent filmmaker I was very interested in seeing this film. (...). I was not disappointed. I love old cars and especially the Deuce. This film brought me the cars I love, great characters and a deep story. I loved it. I pray that Faith brings us another film soon."




I’ve finished disc one of your new release "AGAINST ALL ODDS, THE MAKING OF DEUCE OF SPADES" and had to let you know what a wonderful outcome it is. Your production levels are top-notch and as the story of you and your obsession unwinds, we also get a feel for the history and era you captured so well in Deuce of Spades, through narrative background and interviews. You’ve now uniquely done it in both a film and a documentary.
I hope this project gets acknowledgement and critical recognition in your film profession. You deserve it.
Kevin Bishop
Victoria, B.C.


"Loved every minute, no... every second of it!" (PAUL, MT)

"Enlightening, insightful and entertaining!" (ROB, ND)

"Against All Odds is outstanding! I found it to be highly entertaining, very interesting and artistically well done." (RICK, CA)

"Every bit as great as the movie!" (NORMAN, IN)

"Phenomenal, I say WOW and Bravo again!" (KRIS, CA)





After viewing your new mini-series AGAINST ALL ODDS, THE MAKING OF DEUCE OF SPADES I have a greater appreciation for you. You are amazing for bringing back memories of past hot rod days as well as past loves. You have tugged at every old timers heart strings bringing many emotions to the surface as well as memories, dreams. You even put my name in the little people credits again, wow, you know how to make an old timer (originally from WLA) feel good. At 74 I am still vintage hot rodding. You are an awesome woman and an example for females of all ages. Old guys too (grins)

My best wishes always,
Eddie Pond


"Hi Faith: Received my autographed DVD set of 'Against All Odds' yesterday afternoon. Binge watched it all today. Absolutely enjoyed every moment, from beginning to end. A testament to the "never give up" spirit that you embrace and represent. Thank you thank you thank you for all that you've done. For the emotional epic that is the film to the behind the scenes sharing of what it took to create it."

Les Bateman



Hi Faith,
Just wanted to be one of many to tell you how impressed we are with your tenacity and artistry.  I certainly hope that you can get some venture capital for your next project to help you, while allowing you to keep creative control.  I admire what you have accomplished, and how you have touched others with your movie.  Wishing you further success in your film-making career.

Stefanie Shore - Temecula, CA


What a fantastic job you did on these two discs, and of course the movie itself.  I've shared your movie with some of my car friends, and can't wait for them to see how it was all put together.  You're an amazing person, worthy of many more awards than you've already received.

Dave & Sandy Crockett - Washington, UT                                                                   



Faith, I can't thank you enough, I just received my box set and it was well worth the wait! Fantastic work! Can't wait for the sequel!!

Matt Thompson - Ontario, CANADA


WOW! The hard work ethic you displayed is very inspirational! The words I would say to myself when I got tired or overwhelmed you just capitalized on and brought back to life for me! And these words are " Rest if you must but don't you quit! ". Thank you for creating such a great 50s Hotrod movie. Thanks for the blood, sweat and tears you invested. I look forward and can't wait to see what you do next! 
For all who have not seen the making of the Deuce of Spades it's a must! Hard work is still around and alive!
Thanks Faith! 

Shad R.